Subject: Feature Friday - Change Your Password

RingByName - Feature Friday

Change, Reset & Update Your Password

A RingByName Step-By-Step Guide for One of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We know that remembering All your passwords All the time is not always realistic. It is also a recommended security best practice to change all your system passwords every few months. It is possible to change a password for RingByName either as an Admin and as a Regular User. Each member of your staff or each station in your office has a user and password set up specifically for them. Depending on their role, follow the instructions below to change or reset your password.

"I needed a password eight characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves."
- anonymous joke

There are two types of users, Admin and Regular, each with different permissions and access. While both user types will give you access to the RingByName applications, only the Admin will allow you to make changes to settings in the RingByName System Administration Portal.
RingByName Password Must be Between 6-12 Characters Long and Include at Least One Letter and One Number
To Update Your Password as a Regular User

- Log in to your RingByName account at
- Click on the top right text that reads "Hi, " A drop down menu should appear.
- Select "My Profile" in the drop down
- In the center of the page toward the right, click on the pen-and-paper "Edit" icon 
- At the top of the home screen, click on your name and select the option "My Profile" and click edit. 
- Scroll to the part of the page that says "Password" and type the password you wish to have.
If You're an Administrator, You Can Also Update Other Users' Passwords

- Once logged in, click on the words 'Hi ' at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu should appear. 
- Select the option 'Go To System Administration' 
- Select 'RingByName Setup' at the top. 
- Select 'Users' on the left hand side. 
- Select the user whose password you want to edit. 
- On the far right, you'll see all the fields you can edit including the password field. 
- Be sure to select 'Save' on the bottom right to complete your changes!
How Do I Retrieve My Password?

I have just opened my RingByName account, or I have lost my credentials. How can I retrieve my password?

- Go to the RingByName web application at
- Click on the "Reset Password" link located on the bottom right
- Enter your email address. This must match the email address on file and registered in your system. 
- Then click on the "Reset" button. Our system will then automatically email you a temporary password that can be used to login to your RingByName telephone system.
If all else fails, contact technical support

Technical Support can be reached by email at or via telephone at 855-345-7464. Our technical support agents are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern time.
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