Subject: Feature Friday - Call Status Filter

RingByName - Feature Friday

Call Status Filter

Easily Sort Users By Call Status 

The RingByName Call Presence or default home screen has filter functionality built in for your ease of use. You can click on the different Status buttons at the top of the screen to see only the calls actively in the status you selected. This is added in with the ability for each user to see who’s available, on a call, or ringing, and how long they have been talking from the call presence. Each filter updates lightning fast in real time, so you can easily monitor exactly what you want, live as its happening. There is also a new filter called R! Face. This is to easily see who is online on R! OX.
Presence gives you the ultimate visibility of your telephone system, allowing you to see the status of all members of your team.

Call Status Buttons

A quick glance from the 'All' status setting will allow you to easily see each person's status by color. Or if you have a large company with many users or are possibly only interested in monitoring the "On Call' status setting, the filters are a great way to see only what matters most to you.

Green = Available

Yellow = Ringing or Connecting

Blue = Currently on a Call

Red = Do Not Disturb


  • Call Status filter allows users to view either all call statuses or a specific call status live in real time.
  • Clear, concise view of the status of all telephones at a single glance.
  • Gives each user the ability to see who’s available, on a call, or ringing, and how long they have been talking.
  • Launch calls to internal extensions with a simple click from within the web application.
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