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Call Recording

Set Any Department in Your Business to be Recorded

Call Recording allows you to set any department in your business to be recorded -- for training purposes, regulatory compliance, sales confirmation, or any other reason -- and search, playback, download, and forward recordings through an easy web interface from anywhere, anytime. 
Call recording allows your business to recall any user or any department at any time. 
Where Do The Call Recordings Appear?

There are two types of users, Admin and Regular, each with different permissions and access. While both user types will give you access to the RingByName applications, only the Admin will allow you to view Call Recordings.

- Log in to your RingByName account at
- Click on the top right text that reads "Hi, <Your Name>" A drop down menu should appear.
- Select "Go to System Administration" in the drop down
- Click on "Reporting & Analytics" on the top navigation bar
- Select "Advanced Report" on the left hand side
- In the Advanced Search Form, select the criteria for your custom search, and select "Inbound Recordings" from the "Filter By Type" option then click "Search". RingByName will return a list of all recordings that match that given criteria. 
- Both Inbound and Outbound Call Recordings can be seen here by selecting each in "Filter By Type"
How to Listen to and Download a Call Recording?

You can listen to the recording through your web browser by clicking on the microphone icon to launch the embedded audio player. The audio player appears at the bottom of the Advanced Report. Alternately, you can download the file to your hard drive by clicking on the blue MP3 icon.
How to Turn On Call Recording?

By Default, Call Recording is turned off for all Users. To turn on Call Recording for a User or Department, follow these steps.

- Log in to your RingByName account at 
- Click on the top right text that reads "Hi, " A drop down menu should appear.  
- Select "Go to System Administration" in the drop down
- Click on "Reporting & Analytics" on the top navigation bar
- Under Users, select the Individual User that you would like to Turn Call Recording on for by clicking on the name of that user. User Details will appear on the right hand side for the selected User.
- Under User Details, check the box to "Enable inbound call recording for this user" and/or "Enable outbound call recording for this user.
- Click "Save" to make sure your update is complete.
Alternatively you can uncheck either "Enabled" box and click "Save" to turn off either Inbound or Outbound Call Recordings.
Why Can't I See Any Call Recordings?
Is This An Included Feature?

RingByName Call Recording is one of many Add-on Features that can supercharge your RingByName system. Call Recording is a premium add-on service that is billed based on the number of users within your phone system.

To inquire about pricing and availability, please contact a friendly representative by calling us at 855-345-7464 or e-mailing us at

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