Subject: Feature Friday - Call Presence

RingByName - Feature Friday

RingByName Call Presence

See the Status of All Extensions Within Your System

Presence gives you the ultimate visibility of your telephone system, allowing you to see the status of all members of your team. It's a dashboard that shows you an overview of every call in your system with easy to understand colors that you can process at a glance.

  • Clear concise view of the status of all telephones at a single glance
  • Gives each user the ability to see who’s available, on a call, or ringing, and how long they have been talking
  • Launch calls to internal extensions with a simple click from within the web application
  • Redirect other extension calls to your phone (if remote call pick up is enabled) so no call goes unanswered
Tell who’s on the phone, with whom they are speaking and for how long, all at a glance.
Explanation of Call Status Buttons

Green = Available

Yellow = Ringing or Connecting

Blue = Currently on a Call

Red = Do Not Disturb
Launching a Call to a Co-worker

To launch a call to a co-worker, click on the green phone icon located on the corner of the tile for the co-worker you wish to call. RingByName will initiate a call to your desk phone (or cell phone if enabled), once you pick up it will connect you to the other party.
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