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RingByName - Feature Friday


Increase Productivity with Alexa Handsfree Dialing

RingByName knows that running a business is hands-on and so turning Amazon's Alexa into a hands-free business assistant is a great recipe for greater productivity. It's just another way that RingByName is way more than a business phone service™.
RingByName Alazon Alexa Skill video
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What Is the RingByName Skill for Alexa?

The RingByName Skill allows customers to make calls from a Amazon Alexa™ device. Once the skill is enabled, just say "Alexa, ask RingByName to call" and a number. RingByName will call the linked telephone numbers in your account contacts by name or extension. You can also dial any number outside your account contacts by saying the complete number. Simply answer the call to be connected to the call just as if you had manually dialed the number.

You can also use these variations of the command "Alex, ask RingByName to.."
Or you can say "Alexa, open RingByName" only once to initiate the RingByName Skill and then use any of the above commands without needing to say anything first.
Just say "Alexa, Ask RingByName to Call {Any Telephone Number or Extension}"
How Do I Enable the RingByName Skill with Alexa?

You can add the RingByName skill to your Alexa devices by following these easy steps:
Go to the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone. If you have not already done so, login to your Amazon Account.
  1. Click on the Navigation icon located in the top left corner.
  2. Choose "Skills" section.
  3. Search for RingByName, and choose "Enable".
  4. Once enabled, click on "Link Account" and sign into your RingByName Account
Can I use the RingByName Alexa Skill If I Do NOT have a RingByName Account?

At this time, RingByName for Alexa is only available to subscribers. For more information about becoming a RingByName subcriber, contact us.
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