Subject: Feature Friday - Admin vs Regular User

RingByName - Feature Friday
What's the Difference?

Admin users get a predefined set of permissions that allow them to control and make changes to their company account. There are many features and custom settings available from the admin section of the web app. There are also a wealth of features and settings that a regular user can utilize and change on their own. Below is a simplified list of the differences between an admin and regular user. Sometimes just knowing what is possible is the first half of the solution. If you have questions about any of the specific features, schedule a training or keep watching your inbox for the next Feature Friday email. 
What Can the Account Administrator Do in the RingByName Web App?
Admin Users
Can change settings and update the following features

  • Change contact details, such as name, address, and phone number
  • Add, update, or remove extension numbers
  • Change call routing
  • Change/update password information
  • Assign direct numbers
  • View all reports and analytics
  • Change your company caller ID
  • Authorize SMS for individuals
  • Grant access to fax
  • Setup voicemail for each user
  • Access call recordings
  • Setup call queuing for specific departments
  • Change and update menus
  • Update Automated Virtual Attendant settings
  • Assign users to specific departments
  • Change business hours
  • Update company announcements
  • Purchase prepaid long-distance credit
  • Update billing preferences
  • Setup E-911
Admin Users Can Review the Inbound Call Recordings
Admin Users Can Review the Inbound Call Recordings
Regular Users
Anyone who has a login to RingByName can access the following features

  • View the call presence dashboard
  • Access all contact lists
  • Utilize the RingByName CRM to view contact details
  • Setup Remote Call Pickup
  • Add notes
  • View events
  • Attach files
  • Route personal calls to another number
  • View announcements
  • See inbound and outbound calls
  • Select outbound caller ID
  • Send and receive faxes (if authorized)
  • Send and receive SMS text messages (if authorized)
Screenshot of the Call Presence Dashboard
Regular Users Can View the Call Presence Dashboard
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