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Welcome, Instructor Brian Hotchkin!

Please join the Resound NW staff in extending a warm welcome to new vocal instructor BRIAN HOTCHKIN. An avid music fan since childhood, Brian’s mother introduced him to a wide variety of musical genres including folk, country, classical, pop, and Broadway. She also bought him his first cassette tape: Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors. In high school Brian began singing musical theater, and his soprano instructor took him to his first opera: Richard Strauss’s Salome. She also assigned him his first aria – from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. “I really appreciate many genres, but I loved the outsized EMOTION in singing opera - riding the wave of singing with an orchestra and using my voice in such a visceral way.”

But Brian’s performance experience has not been limited to opera. “I very easily could have gone into Broadway; I love the beauty, wit and sophistication of the classic Broadway repertoire. When I do have the chance to sing cabaret or musical theater, I have a great time - my inner Broadway baby gets to come out and play. I love to belt out "Don't Rain on my Parade" at any opportunity! During and after college, I sang with the Chicago Symphony and Grant Park Choruses, which was a whole other kind of amazing musical experience - I got to sing some amazing choral repertoire…I've also performed a couple cabaret shows, to explore my jazzy side. That was fun, and a different thing altogether to sing with a microphone and a jazz combo.”

Along his musical journey, Brian has been blessed with many inspirational teachers, whom he describes as “great mentors.” “My teacher in my undergraduate program, Elsa Charlston, encouraged intellectual curiosity and interpretation and helped me become interested in all kinds of unusual repertoire. My teacher in graduate school, Judith Haddon, was a great technician who gave me the technique I needed to meet my goals. I was also lucky enough to work with the great singing actress, Catherine Malfitano, who prodded me toward fearless performing with no separation between acting and singing.”

In describing his own teaching experience, Brian enthuses, “I love when a student has that lightbulb moment - it is great to help someone realize their goals, and help them on their musical journey. I feel so lucky for the musical experience I've had, and it is so great to be able to put that to use helping people communicate, feel the joy of singing and creating, and express themselves through music. Every student is different; they come in with different experiences and different goals. It is such fun to get so many different ways of looking at things! It has helped me grow as a teacher, of course, but also as a performer. Being a performer can be a little isolating actually, with so many hours alone in a practice room, so that one-on-one connection when I'm teaching feels great. Having to put my ideas into words helps me crystallize and synthesize my thoughts on making music, and getting different bits of info from all my students helps us all grow together.”

How would Brian describe his ideal student? “Anyone that comes in with a great attitude, an openness to experimenting and trying new things, and the need to express!”

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Friday, June 26, 7:00-9:00pm

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Sunday, June 28, 7:00 - 9:00 pm VOCAL IMPROVISATION: BREAKING FREE
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