Subject: How do I warm up my voice?

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How do I warm up my voice?

Every week, a student asks me this question: how do I warm up my voice? Can you teach me some vocal exercises?

It’s a really great and very common question. Even those who have never sung in their lives are familiar with vocal warm-ups. There seems to be a general awareness among all people that singers do things like “mee mee meeeee!” and “do, re mi.”

In truth, this question is slightly misguided. We all hope that a voice teacher can say, “Sing this exercise and do these scales and your voice will be ‘warmed up.’” Ta daa! If only it were that easy!

Yes, there are certain types of scales and exercises that are very helpful for strengthening your voice. However, the better to question to ask would be, “How can I become more physically aware of my voice?” Vocal technique is primarily about becoming highly aware of your body and how it creates vocal sound.

With every exercise your teacher gives you, there is a second part that is far more important - what am I sensing while I do this exercise? One of the most common things to sense is whether it feels comfortable. Does your voice feel relaxed, easy, and free? Or your teacher may suggest that you focus on singing legato and connected, or that your jaw and tongue are loose and free. Other exercises are opportunities to sense your breath and posture. Without the sensing, an exercise is not actually particularly helpful, and may in fact be harmful to you.

90% of healthy singing is based on how it feels in your body, not how it sounds to your ears. Your body is your strongest guide, and your true north. Try it now! Get singing, and start SENSING!

Happy Singing!

Daniel Buchanan
Founder, Resound NW
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