Subject: Finding A Place To Sing: The Magic of Resound NW

The Magic of Resound NW
Greetings Friend!

Every couple of months, something truly extraordinary happens at Resound NW: the voice students gather for a party. 

But it's not just any party, it's a SINGING party.

We sing together.  We eat together.  We talk and laugh. 

And then each student gets up and performs a song for the group. 

The performances at the these Studio Gatherings are where the real magic happens.  It's the moment when I get to see the fruit of all the hard work each student has done in his/her private lessons.  It's a magical experience.  We all get to witness the true, special, and totally unique voice of that singer. 

Last weekend, Resound NW students gathered for our summer Studio Gathering.  The magic of that evening was just as I have come to expect from the extraordinary people I work with.

One singer said, "It's one of the most supportive atmospheres I have ever been just get to 'feel the love'!"

Happy Singing!

Daniel Buchanan

Founder, Resound NW
Coming up at Resound NW
Singing Your Story

Dates: Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Time: 6:30-9:00pm
Cost: $75
Level: Intermediate/Advanced (Limit 8 students)
Instructors: Sara McWilliams and Daniel Buchanan

Everyone has a story to share.  Telling a story gives us the power to know ourselves and connect us to one another, and telling a story through song only makes the story more potent.  Singing Your Story is an illuminating group class to express yourself with the power of music.  Together we will uncover what is imbued in your chosen song that is meaningful to you. That which connects you to the song is what gives you freedom and power to share it with others.  Let’s explore YOUR story.  Each student will receive...[read more]
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