Subject: Meet the dive team

Meet the divers behind Red Sea Explorers!

Faisal Khalaf - Founder

Faisal has been an avid diver since 1991 and his love of the Red Sea led him establish Red Sea Explorers in 2005. From Monkey Diving to deep, exploration, re-breather dives, Faisal is always looking for new projects and is definitely up for a challenge.

Faisal is a Fundamentals GUE instructor and a UTD & INTD normoxic trimix instructor.

Sayed ‘Tiger’ Gomaa - Senior Dive Instructor

Sayed is a PADI IDC Staff instructor and has been active in the Red Sea for over 15 years, giving him immeasurable experience with and knowledge of local dive sites. He has been with Red Sea Explorers since 2014 and is an integral part of the diving team.

Sandra Rundberg - Dive Professional & Communications

Sandra fell in love with diving in 2011 and soon after began her career as a dive instructor. She moved to Egypt in 2015, joining the RSE team in 2017. Sandra is a PADI instructor and is currently advancing as a GUE diver as well. Alongside her dive profession, Sandra is also involved in company logistics and communications. 

Olga Martinelli - Underwater Videographer

Olga began diving in 2001 and has been diving professionally across the world since 2003; she’s previously worked in the Maldives, Indonesia and Sharm El Sheikh in the Red Sea. Underwater photography began as a hobby for Olga, but today she is our resident videographer, doubling as a dive guide upon request. Olga is a PADI instructor and an aspiring GUE diver. She is also a vegan and an environmentalist and does her best to give back to the sea and oceans.

Francesca Miccoli - Italian Market Dive Professional

Francesca joined our team in 2019 and is dedicated to our growing Italian market. She has worked all over the world including in Italy, Sinai and the Maldives. Francesca is a self-described "old-school diver" and is continually open to change, progress and development. With all her diving experience as an instructor, she still enjoys the simple pleasures of diving that include noting fish down and telling stories.

Steve Crosby - Technical Diving Instructor

Steve began diving back in Mississippi in 2004, and has since devoted ever aspect of his life to diving, from Indonesia to Belize to Thailand. He is constantly working on expanding his experience and knowledge in diving. Steve's passion in diving is technical diving and he brings his experience in technical diving into all the courses that he teaches. His qualifications include: RAID Instructor Trainer and Tech Instructor, SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor, and TDI Instructor.

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