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Photo: Przemek Przystałka
Tis the season that keeps on giving

There's been some fantastic diving on the Red Sea this season, so much so that it deserves another newsletter. The summer months have brought us a collection of shark species, dugong, mantas below and above water - and much more. 
Join us and revel in the magnificence of the Red Sea. 
Sharks and the Brother Islands

A dive site that aims to please, this month alone the Brothers Islands have given us two whale sharks on Numidia, a spectacular thresher shark encounter, not to mention the hammerheads and grey reef sharks. Mysterious, stoic and full of life, the Brothers Islands are a must-see.

Upcoming Brothers trips:
Schooling hammerheads at Daedalus

The king of all dive sites, earlier this month Daedalus gave us 
37 unforgettable minutes surrounded by 12 mesmerising hammerheads and we couldn't be more grateful. if you're not here then you are definitely missing out.

A graceful manta also made an appearance, practically on cue with the five hammerheads we had swimming around at the time. Art direction anyone? 

Two mantas continued to circle the boat all night, giving us a nice evening show before dinner. 

The sea felt very alive and it's waiting for you.
Upcoming Daedalus trips:
Photo: Sean Romanowski 
Other notable activity:

This past month we came across a guitar shark, spinner dolphins, baby dolphins that escorted our sail for about 15 minutes, a couple of dugong and the most chill underwater species of all, the turtle. Not to mention the barracuda, jackfish, morays, marble rays and much much more.
It’s vibrant, it's warm, it's brimming with marine life and activity.

So, what are you waiting for?
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