Subject: It's shark season in the Red Sea!

Shark season is here and the Oceanics, in particular, are out to play.

If you’re a shark lover then the Red Sea is where you need to be this season. Our boats have been spotting the dorsal finned creatures all over the Red Sea; from Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone (expected), to Rocky and St. John’s (also expected), to Tiran (less than expected!) - the beautiful species are active and ready to mingle.
Oceanic White Tips

Also known as the Longimanus, this in-your-face shark is in full swing across the southern Red Sea. Our divers have been meeting, hanging out and in some cases, barely escaping, these enigmatic creatures and it couldn’t be more exciting!

Be sure to read up on the appropriate shark diving behaviour before jumping in the water, otherwise it’s all very safe, we promise.

Where to spot them? Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone, Rocky, Zabargad, St. John’s 

The peaceful, wide eyed hammerhead is perhaps our favourite of all the shark species for its grace and timid demeanour. Less seasonal than the Longimanus and more readily spotted throughout the year, this season brings them a little shallower, making them a bit more accessible to recreational divers.

Where to spot them? Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone, Tiran

Sudan aka Shark Land

While the shark season is at its peak in the Egyptian Red Sea, you can always enjoy some fantastic shark diving early next year when we go to Sudan.

Sudan is a wonderland of pelagic fish, dolphins and most importantly, sharks. Schooling hammerheads, Oceanic white tips, Silky, tiger, thresher sharks - it’s truly a smorgasbord.

MV Tala will be based in Port Sudan starting mid March until the end of May. Book now because spots fill up fast.

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