Subject: Here's to a great season

Wondering what you missed out on this season with RSE? 
Well, we’re here to tell you.
Sharks, sharks and sharks

It’s been an active shark season here in the Red Sea, with sightings reaching the north as well as the south; including Oceanics, hammerheads, whale sharks, threshers and more. We’re thrilled to see them flourishing and support all diving activity that protects and nurtures the species. WE STRONGLY CONDEMN BEHAVIOURS THAT RISK THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES. 

Join us next season and revel in the beauty of our dorsal finned friends.
GUE Takeover

It’s no secret that we advocate the GUE way; our founder Faisal Khalaf recently became a GUE Fundamentals instructor and is currently on his way to becoming a JJ-CCR instructor as well. 

We had several courses take place onboard with GUE instructors Guy Shockey, Jesper Kjoller and Kirill Egorov; students included two of our team members, Sandra Rundberg and Olga Martinelli and we couldn’t be more proud or excited about what's to come as a result.

We also hosted the annual GUE creative trip, which basically involves a bunch of friends, some serious diving and an underwater photoshoot.

In the coming period and throughout 2020, we will be holding more GUE courses with instructors Dorota Czerny and Annika Persson, as well as RSE's Faisal Khalaf. Meanwhile, our team's lucky charm, Leryce Josephs, is preparing for her RAID instructor course, making our team one RAID instructor stronger. Hurrah!
What to look forward to?

The days to come will be filled with kick-ass diving activities and a quest to discover and explore untouched shipwrecks.

Over Christmas and New Year’s, we have back-to-back trips that will be strictly devoted to wrecks diving. The first week will focus on the known wrecks of the Red Sea, while the second week visits the virgin wrecks located within the Wreck Exploration Project. What better way to end one year and start the other? 

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