Subject: GUE & Wreck Exploration with RSE

Partnering up with some of the finest divers in the industry, it was certainly a busy start to the year! From offering GUE courses and hosting unforgettable Wreck Exploration Weeks, here’s an overview of what we’ve been up to in 2019 thus far.
GUE ITC Instructor Training & Fundamentals Course
Recreational Instructor Training Course with Dorota Czerny, Irene Homberger & Annika Persson

Launching 2019 with a GUE ITC instructor course, our eight candidates spent an intensive and invigorating week of learning, while exploring their teaching and practical skills. With three instructors heading the course, each student was given sufficient focus and the outcome was successful all around. 
GUE Fundamentals with Jesper Kjøller

While courses will be open to general candidates in the future, these past months we focused on staff training and expanding our collective skill set at Red Sea Explorers. Over two months we hosted two courses for our staff and were super pleased to witness their first official steps into the world of tech diving.

Wreck Exploration Project

The ongoing and ever exciting exploration project continues to prove fruitful with more discoveries being made and wrecks being identified. From locating and identifying SC Almirante Barosso, a Brazilian Navy Arsenal; Fulica, a cargo ship from the late 1800s and Thiessow, a small 50+ meter cargo ship, the project holds significant promise and opportunity.

Exploring with GUE

Accompanied by a mix of GUE divers, instructors and training admins - Dorota Czerny, Kirill Egorov, Jesper Kjøller, Josef Chroust, Bartek Cyperling, Faisal Khalaf and Sameh Sokar - our first exploration week of the season came as an awesome kickoff!

In the face of strong currents and windy conditions, the unification of the team proved crucial and made a complex operation smooth and kept things enjoyable. With the intention of adding to our image archive and furthering our documentation, we revisited previously discovered wrecks and were able to locate a new barge that’s about 80 meters long, yet to be identified.

Aside from discoveries past and new, a true highlight of the week was diving on the rarely visited yet stunning wreck of San Juan. A big thanks to Kirill Egorov and Jesper Kjøller for the great photos they took on this trip.

Exploring with JJ CCR Divers

Joining us for the second week of exploration was Jan Petersen, from JJ CCR, and a collection of JJ rebreather divers looking to be part of this blossoming project. Another hugely successful week that took divers to past discoveries as well as ongoing ones, including the Fulica, San Juan and the Cape Clear wrecks that are seldomly visited. By the end of the week, the group was happy and their appetite for the unknown satisfied. 
Stay tuned for upcoming Wreck Exploration Weeks throughout 2019 and check out our schedule by clicking the link below.