Subject: The eagerness of Ugandan children

Mustard Seed kids eagerly wait for new uniform socks and sweaters.

The beginning of the school year in Uganda means new uniforms for Mustard Seed students. They are luckier than most kids in Lukaya; thanks to you, uniforms, including sweaters and socks, can be ready for all.

Each child has a dress uniform and a sports kit—locally made except for the socks. The quality and price of knee-high socks from Piccolo Hosiery can't be touched by anything available in Uganda, and they don't take up too much space in our luggage.

I arrived home less than 24 hours ago—jetlagged but grateful for the privilege of representing you. I wish everyone who supports 'our' Ugandan kids could experience the joy, enthusiasm, and welcome that motivates me to make the long trip twice a year.


P.S. I am working on an online photo and video album from this trip. You can expect a link soon.

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