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Rough times, but don't miss Teacher Denis's video message
Primary school girls are happy to be eating lunch at MSA

Frowns and Fear Replace Smiles

The Latest from Lukaya

President Museveni ordered all Ugandan schools to close beginning June 7th for six weeks due to a surge in Covid infections.

  • Patients with the Delta variant are overwhelming hospitals.  

  • Bus fares more than doubled, and after four days all public transport was banned.

  • Ambulances and funeral processions are the main traffic on the highways. All private vehicles are banned unless a high government official grants special permission.

  • The pandemic has finally hit the Lukaya area, and it has hit hard. Several town council members were diagnosed along with some MSA students and staff.

  • The Mustard Seed staff has received the Covid vaccine, and they are scheduled for the second dose.

  • Our leaders are predicting that the shutdown will be extended. They hope for a return to school in September, when the new school year (2021) will begin–eight months late.

Meanwhile, how are our Ugandan partners alleviating suffering and helping prepare for the new school year?

  • Families of Mustard Seed students are receiving basic supplies of food and soap to help make up for the loss of school breakfast and lunch.

  • Teachers are preparing lessons that students pick up once a week for home study.

  • Mustard Seed School nurses are ready and available to treat students who fall sick.

  • Teachers are designing lesson plans and learning aids so they will be able to efficiently make up for some of the lost time in class.

  • Older students who live close to campus or stay at Rapha's House are doing service learning around campus.

  • Teachers are being trained in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by Mustard Seed's computer teacher, Ssengo Gerald.

  • Home visits are being made by the social work team to check on students and their families.

Sustainability Initiatives


The hens continue to lay, and the poultry project continues to offer learning opportunities for students and teachers. However, with transportation being restricted during the lockdown, the markets for eggs are very limited. While prices generally have gone up, egg prices have gone down with a flooded local market.

Who could have anticipated such a challenge? However, our Ugandan team is confident that as things open up once again, we will see the anticipated revenue. In the meantime, excess eggs are being eaten by those who come to the MSA campus.

So little activity; so little money to be earned.

Can You Help?

Minimizing the effects of the second Covid lockdown is expensive.

One of our RPU board members has pledged up to $4,000 in matching funds for each donation given. If you give now, your gift will be doubled (until the $4000 challenge grant is met). $36 is enough to provide basic food to one of the Mustard Seed families who have no means to make money during the lockdown. $97 is the cost of the homework packets needed for one class for one month ($2,700 for all fourteen grades for two months).

A Mustard Seed student with her family.

Namanda, in front, is a Mustard Seed Nursery School pupil. She lives with her grandmother who cares for six children. The gift of food put a smile on their faces. You can put smiles on the faces of other Mustard Seed children and their guardians.

Donate: Click here

A boda boda being loaded with maize meal, beans, and soap for several families.

Just for fun–

Last month, our 'Ugandanese' word was boda-boda. Several readers knew that one, but only two knew the thrill of riding on the back of one of these 'poor man's taxis' that are often seen with three or more passengers. They even are used to deliver large furniture.

Here’s another easy oneWhat’s posho?

You can hit reply to this email and submit your answer. Hope to hear from you!

Thank you for loving us.

Teacher Denis, Director of Studies, Mustard Seed Primary School, wanted to give a message of thanks to all Real Partners– that means you!

The response to our mailed spring appeal was wonderful. Nearly 50 partners, churches and individuals, gave to support the 'Mothers and Fathers' of Mustard Seed! The current total is $14,391. Denis is just one of the big team of grateful employees.


With all my best wishes and gratitude,


Executive Director, Real Partners Uganda

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