Subject: More Than Smiles (Part 4 of 4)

Together, we are working miracles.

Happy New Year!

You gave hundreds of smiles in 2021. You also gave take-home lessons, health care, shelter, clothes, social welfare visits, gardens, and guidance!

All these are critical for progress in Lukaya and for individual students like Harriet pictured above. But what surpasses them all are LOVE and HOPE.

Social worker and pastor Allan Kisakye is a Ugandan friend who has worked near Lukaya for sixteen years. He has seen first-hand the changes your gifts (in many forms) have made. On December 30th, Allan emailed a note of encouragement. It's the best 'thank-you' I can imagine–

Thank you for coming to us, giving yourself to us. Naked we were, you clothed us. Hungry, you have fed us. In prison, you have visited us.

Lukaya was prominent for prostitution. People like you have brought a lot of love and hope. It had been difficult, but you have never given up. Am sure out of here, we will soon have missionaries that reach out to other countries and communities for the gospel. Please know that your service is to the Lord Himself and tire not doing good.

A Mustard Seed Nursery School student and her grandmother (above) examined the big Christmas package they received on December 23rd.

Latest from Lukaya

A new school year is set to resume at Mustard Seed on Monday, the 10th of January. Mustard Seed Staff have accomplished a lot during the 'vacation' and are ready and eager to meet students.

The Ugandan Government has changed the qualifications for teachers and other professionals. Primary school teachers will be required to attend Advanced Levels (continuation of high school) for two years (S-5 and S-6), followed by four years of university studies—the option of going to a Primary Teachers College after S-4 no longer exists. Current teachers have ten years in which to get their bachelor's degrees. This significant change has caused angst in Uganda and specifically at Mustard Seed.

The class that finished S-4 in March of 2021 is most affected by these changes. In previous years, few students went for A levels (S-5 and S-6) after completing the four years at Mustard Seed. Instead, students opted for technical schools and primary teachers' colleges. However, with few other options, Advanced secondary education was a choice for many this year. Seeing this, the faculty and administrators asked and got approval to extend the Mustard Seed education. Harriet, pictured at the top, has dreamed of being a teacher most of her life. She is pleased to be able to continue her education at MSA, where she can be sure of qualified, caring teachers and outstanding facilities.

You Did It!

Checks and online donations for our year-end appeal continue to come in! The $15,000 matching funds were matched before the end of the year. The total given at this point is $56,649! This means Mustard Seed will be able to say 'Yes' to more needy children in 2022! Thank you!!

2021 was a hard year worldwide! But, it was especially hard for young students like those pictured above. However, you were there, meeting basic needs, keeping them safe, and keeping them hopeful.

With all my best and heartfelt gratitude,


Elaine Griswold

Executive Director

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