Subject: Help Sarah Go Back to School

Dear Friend,

I recently heard heartbreaking news about the horrendous flash flooding in Lukaya, Uganda.


Families have lost homes, crops, and livelihoods because of torrential rains and floods. Our students' parents can’t earn an income, and some can’t afford to send their kids to school.


The good news is that you can help!

Will you give a special gift to provide a child with safety, food, learning, and loving care? The average monthly cost per child is only $49.

Here’s what’s happening. A major bridge collapsed under the stress of the surging water, and traffic through Lukaya has come to a halt. Our parents rely on traffic for their livelihood – No travelers. No customers. No earnings. No tuition to send kids to school.

One student who desperately needs help is Sarah. Her single mom ekes out a living by selling roasted bananas to busloads of passengers and travelers. With no traffic through town, her mom’s source of income disappeared. She doesn’t know how she can feed her children or pay Sarah’s school tuition. If Sarah doesn’t get help with her tuition, she will miss the second term of school. She will miss the three good meals a day, the learning, the dancing, the guidance from her teachers, her friends, and the safety of being in school. I don’t want that to happen; surely you don’t either.

And schools reopen on Monday, the 29th.

Your gift now will help Sarah by waiving the tuition and boarding fees for this term.  While at school, she’ll not go hungry, feel scared or lonely, and she can stay on track to fulfill her dreams of becoming a doctor one day.


Your gift will allow Sarah to go to school starting May 29th! And your donation will help all the work of Real Partners Uganda and Mustard Seed Academy. Click here to make a secure and easy donation.

Your generosity will bless Sarah and you. And Sarah’s mother will be so grateful for your kindness. So will I!

So please, give as quickly as possible to support Sarah and others affected by the flooding. 

With heartfelt gratitude,

Elaine Griswold, Executive Director

P.S. Please click here now to donate through the special page, or send your gift to Real Partners Uganda, 5 Sicomac Rd. #203, North Haledon, NJ 07508, and make it possible for a Mustard Seed student to go to school before May 26th!

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