Subject: Gratitude

God has the best weighing machine.


"God has the best weighing machine."

–Adam Matovu, Chairman of the Board, Tree of life Ministries

Dear <<firstname>>

“Sincere thanks for all your input. It’s hard to measure all you people have done. God has the best weighing machine.” This quote is a small part of the appreciation shown by the Ugandan leaders, staff, and students during our last visit.

Indeed, Mustard Seed School is thriving. Every dollar given is used to help students reach their potential. And students are healthy and happy. They have big dreams, and they have the support to achieve them – thanks to you. Pictured below: Secondary School students receiving their cup of Artemisia tea, three Primary School boys on their way to get lunch, and Nursery School children enjoying their playground

Latest from Lukaya

The Ebola outbreak started in the middle of the country in September and is not under control yet. It has spread to several districts, and the government is working hard to contain it. Schools were closed two weeks early for the long Christmas break. (For a CNN article about Uganda's Ebola outbreak, click here.)

Sadly, without the food, care, and security of Mustard Seed, our students are vulnerable. During the Covid school closure, Mustard Seed staff kept in touch with families and brought food to the neediest ones. We hope we will be able to do that during the Christmas break, which will last for at least two months.

In April 2020, I wrote, “We are proud of our partners, both on this side of the ocean and in Uganda. Kind-hearted, resilient, strong, and generous are words that come to mind.” The same holds true at the end of 2022.

Little did we imagine that as recovery from Covid was in sight, our children would be hit again with hunger and suffering.

The most pressing need is for food. We are working on a fundraising campaign to help the Mustard Seed community again. We will go live with this on Giving Tuesday, the 29th of November. We hope you will take part and make our appeal go viral. 

We’re halfway to our goal of 665 gift bags – enough for all of the Mustard Seed families. Please consider helping today. Click this link to read more and to give. And please share! #givngtuesday

Thank You!

In case you missed the Mustard Seed children appreciating what you have done for them, we are including it here again. Enjoy!

Just for fun–

Last month, the featured 'Ugandanism' was saloon. Several of our staff had fancy hair-dos for the Blessing Celebration, which were the result of their early morning visit to what we would call a beauty parlor or salon. Bars and taverns serve alcoholic drinks, but saloons do not 😊

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