Subject: A good, good time – thanks to you, Friend

Your gift had a big impact!

Warm Greetings from Lukaya and Mustard Seed! Your gift made the ‘graduation’ celebration colorful and full of joy! 

Have you ever attended a seven-hour-long celebration? While typical for the Blessing of the Candidates in Uganda, few of these events are as well-planned, joyful, and well-executed as the one we enjoyed at MSA.

Last Saturday, the P-7 and S-4 candidates got up early and prepared for the celebration! When we arrived at 10 a.m. They were already in their seats looking ‘very smart.’ 

There was singing, praying, speech-giving, gift-giving, eating, entertainment, and dancing! 

In the photos, you can see the Senior-four students dressed in red, black, and dark blue African prints and designs. The Primary-sevens’ attire featured light blue and an African batik print. 

Advanced students in the Foods and Nutrition class held a bake sale at the beginning of the event – one of many new innovations at Mustard Seed! 

Thank you for making the candidates feel special! And thank you for making such a joyful celebration possible.

With joy and heartfelt gratitude,

Elaine Griswold, Executive Director


Kathryn Hiscock, President

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