Subject: A good day for miracles

Dear Friend,

I’m writing because there are only two days left for you to help Ugandan children before the end of the year. 

Students are home for the holidays, and families struggle to keep their children fed, safe, and healthy.

The good news is you can help! 

Please give a year-end gift by midnight on Saturday to ensure the next abandoned, orphaned, or sick child is rescued from tragic circumstances.  

Your gift will help a Mustard Seed student receive the education, food, and care needed to thrive. 

Without Mustard Seed's miracle-working staff, kids like Edith, who was orphaned, abandoned, and sick, won’t have the chance to say,  The loving care of my teachers helped me so much.  Without Mustard Seed School, I wouldn't be here.” 

Your gift will help rescue another abandoned child and restore her to a life of big dreams. And your donation will support all of the work and workers at Mustard Seed. 

You can rescue the next child in dire need – and the next. Click here to give.

It takes a big staff to provide hands-on love and care to more than 600 children on your behalf!   

Please, if you can, make a year-end, tax-deductible gift.

For the kids,


P.S. Uganda is still recovering from Covid along with rampant inflation. Food is in short supply due to the war in Ukraine and failed crops, and the new school year begins in February.  Your help is needed more than ever!

609-384-5747 - cell


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