Subject: A chance to dance

Kids love to get dressed up and dance

Dear Friend

I’m writing to ask you to help these Mustard Seed kids perform at their upcoming music festival.

Mustard Seed’s best drummer needs a new drum.

Aisha loves dancing, but her grass skirt is almost grassless.

Joyce is embarrassed to dance in her gym shorts.

You can change embarrassment to pride for a child as he takes the stage. Will you send a gift today to help a child dance, play, and sing with confidence?

The Mustard Seed music team won at the town level last year. But the competition gets stiffer at the Regional and National levels – old, poor-quality costumes and instruments put the Mustard Seed kids at a disadvantage. 

You can help change that for one child with a donation as small as $33.  

The team’s costumes, drums, and flutes are fourteen years old and have seen better days. Good musical instruments and costumes can make all the difference. A child performs better when they are well-dressed and feel happy.

The music festival is in June, so time is of the essence. Your gift today will ensure a child has what she needs to feel proud when she is performing.

Your gift will also support all the fantastic work of Mustard Seed Academy.

Please follow the link to the donation page, where giving is easy and secure. If you prefer to write a check to Real Partners Uganda, please send it to the address below.

For the Mustard Seed kids,


Elaine Griswold, Executive Director

P.S. Your gift today will make Joyce or another child excited to get onstage and dance in June.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for updates on the music competition and other school activities you make possible.

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