Subject: Articolul din CMC Today

16 Martie 2015
The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, ICMCI, organism al carui membru este si AMCOR (Asociatia Consultantilor in Management din Romania),
a publicat in numarul din Ian-Feb 2015 al newsletter-ului CMC Today articolul

"Why is Quality so important for an organization? and, moreover: a Quality Management System can be a Business Management System?"

Articolul este redactat de dna. Angela Gurau, Senior Management Consultant al firmei ThesanCo, si il puteti citi accesand link-ul aici ...
Why is Quality so important for an organization?
© ICMCIC and Angela Gurau
I will start with a basic idea … It’s a well-known fact that an organization (company, business or non-profit) is a complex system which is primarily designed to add value to all stakeholders: employers, legal owners, staff, customers, business partners, authorities, etc.
Any organization uses a management system to determine the needs of each stakeholder, to transform these needs into internal requirements, to provide the resources needed to meet all the requirements and to review the performances. (see picture below)

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