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Power Admin Monthly                        December 2015
Recent News
Hi William,

Welcome to the Power Admin Newsletter for December! Here's what you'll find in this month's issue:
Big News!!!
New versions are out!

PA Server Monitor version 6 has been released!  Templates are the most sought-after feature that people are loving.  Check it out!

PA File Sight version 6 is in Beta.  Read more!

PA Storage Monitor version 6 is also in Beta!  More details!

December Featured Case Study - Integra
This month our case study comes all the way from the beautiful town of Anacortes, WA, home of Integra which focuses on the design and development of systems for the institutional pharmacy marketplace.

We would like to thank the team there that let us come and visit them and film them while doing their work :)

They servers at many hundreds of pharmacy locations and needed a way to monitor all of them without requiring a VPN to each site.  Power Admin's Satellite Monitoring Service fit perfectly into their needs.

In what ways has PA Server Monitor helped your company?
As already said, when a server goes down for any reason, it automatically comes back and also notifies our system administrator to check it out before the clients have to find out. Since we’ve always got eyes on our servers, we have been able to troubleshoot and resolve all issues that cause all these failures. But we do need to keep our eyes open!

What kind of IT challenges do you have?

“We have faced some sort-of-interesting IT challenges here at Integra, in that the servers we monitor are remote to us, so we've had a bit of a challenge, in needing something that could get at these servers remotely. We don't necessarily have direct access to them as a lot of people would for their monitoring and PA has been super helpful to us in the satellite functionality. Allowing us to have these remote satellites installed on some of these servers has been great for us.”

Read the full Case Study here.

"How To" Tutorials
How to Simulate a Large Network
Some of our larger customers have networks far, far larger than our own. So we needed a way to at least simulate their needs in our software. One way we did that was by setting up our LAB_BEAST server...

Is your current monitoring solution as flexible as you like?  Does it scale well?   If not, why not try out PA Server Monitor?  You'll be able to run the fully-featured free trial for 30 days. Click here to check out our products and download a trial now! Why?  Below is what just one of thousands of our happy customers had to say about us:
 As I mentioned in the meeting, and I'll say it here, I've worked with several different monitoring systems in my career and nothing holds a candle to PA [Server Monitor] ”

-Adam A.
       Symantec Corporation

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  -The Power Admin Team

Did you know...PA Server Monitor was awarded a Gold Badge in a product review by Microsoft MVP, Mitch Tulloch. It received 5 out of 5 stars, their highest rating! To read the full review at, just click the image at the left, or go here.

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