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Power Admin Monthly                        August 2015
Recent News
Hi William,

Welcome to the Power Admin Newsletter for August! Here's what you'll find in this month's issue:
August Featured Case Study - DW Dynamic Works Ltd
This month our case study comes all the way from the other side of the globe in the eastern Mediterranean. We'd like to thank Dynamic Works and George Georgiou for allowing us to write up a case study about how they use PA Server Monitor and how it has helped them. Founded in 2003, Dynamic Works is the leading provider of internet and mobile solutions in Cyprus, and is a leading global provider of on-demand, integrated custom business management software for growing, midsize and enterprise businesses.

They have dozens of servers, either collocated or hosted in-house that they needed to monitor. In the past, they'd had too many service failures (such as web-server, sql-server and also email-servers) and they needed a way to immediately be notified about the errors before their clients were aware of them.

In what ways has PA Server Monitor helped your company?
As already said, when a server goes down for any reason, it automatically comes back and also notifies our system administrator to check it out before the clients have to find out. Since we’ve always got eyes on our servers, we have been able to troubleshoot and resolve all issues that cause all these failures. But we do need to keep our eyes open!

How has PA Server Monitor saved you time and/or money?
Customers are happy! Their web-based projects are online 99.9% uptime! So, PA has helped a lot in maintaining customer satisfaction in high levels.

Read the full Case Study here.

"How To" Tutorials
How to Convert a Windows Server w/GUI to Server Core
Windows Server 2012 comes with a couple of new features that can be used to make your life as a System Administrator much better. One of these cool features is the ability to convert a server with full installation into a core edition [...]

If you are currently using a cloud-based monitoring tool, (or if you are simply frustrated by your current solution), why not try out PA Server Monitor?  You'll be able to run the fully-featured free trial for 30 days. Click here to check out our products and download a trial now! Why?  Below is what just one of thousands of our happy customers had to say about us:
Once I found out about PA and also noticed the capabilities that it has (notify instantly by email, mobile device but also automatically restart the services that failed), well, there was no way we could invest time into building something in-house. ”

-George Georgiou
       Managing Director & Founder
       DW Dynamic Works Ltd.

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Did you know...PA Server Monitor was awarded a Gold Badge in a product review by Microsoft MVP, Mitch Tulloch. It received 5 out of 5 stars, their highest rating! To read the full review at, just click the image at the left, or go here.

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