Subject: Volunteers needed tomorrow

Your help is needed!

We are trying to get the flooring in at the parsonage basement tomorrow while
Pastor and Anna-Kari are out of town. We are looking for anyone who can do
a 1 hour shift to speed up the process. You will not have to do manual labor,
it's basically just reading the pattern and giving David Emery the correct
tile to be laid when he is ready for it. It will really make the job go a
lot faster if we can have someone to assist him, which will save the church

If you have an hour of free time during the day tomorrow, it would be a
huge help. If you have older kids, they are welcome to come and play in the
backyard or watch a movie in the den. We can also try and work out
something for childcare if you have a younger child that might need
supervision. Please let me know ASAP if you can help with this, we really
need it!

Samantha Doerfler