Subject: Violent Crime in the Neighborhood

Hello Pilgrim,

The attached Community Alert was sent to the office this week. We thought we would forward it on as a reminder to all of us that we need to be mindful of safety at all times. Many of you attend meetings here at Pilgrim in the evening and we would recommend you walk in groups and be aware of your surroundings. Please be sure to not wear earbuds or be distracted by your phones. If you know of anyone living in the area, this is also a good reminder to stay vigilant. 

A neighbor sent the following notice about a community response to recent events:

Dear neighbors,

We have found that our invitation to show our support for the survivor of
Sunday night's attack has spread quickly through the community. So many
of us want to offer help; pathways to healing; and stand against the
obscene violence against women, against the vulnerable.

There were several respondents who suggested we have a night time walk,
following the precedent of the women's "Take Back the Night"
demonstrations begun in the early '70's.

We think we can do both. A Friday nightflashlight walk (7:30PM) and a
Saturday noon gathering, meeting at the corner of Pensacola and Campbell.