Subject: Totally Tubular Tuesday Auction Update

We can't wait to Rock With You! Just 25 days and counting until our biggest fundraiser of the year. We truly need everyone's help to get our fundraising Up Where We Belong.

Deadlines are fast approaching! We are looking for at least one more sponsor for this year's event- please talk to Alison ( if you are able to help us with this! There are some great benefits (including a pre-event VIP cocktail, a corsage and special treatment all night).

Our deadline for auction item donations is THIS FRIDAY. Each family is asked to contribute in helping the event be as successful as possible- if you own a business please consider a sponsorship or a donation from your business. If you are looking for ideas on what to donate- any gift certificates to local restaurants, bottles of wine or gift cards purchased from Anne in the office help us out immensely. The auction is truly a labor of love and we need everyone's help!

Don't forget to buy your tickets to the event before prices go up on April 19th. You can also purchase Tuition Raffle tickets, Vitamix raffle tickets, Teacher's Day Off raffle tickets or make a donation to Fund-a-Project at this link- We can't wait to party All Night Long with you!

We are looking for a new co-chair to work on next year's auction- I'd love to bring you in the loop for this year so you can get some hands-on experience if you are interested. Please contact Sam at to discuss. It's truly a fun, bonding experience that benefits the whole school. We are also looking for one or two more families to join in with hosting parties and we are in need of a few volunteers to assist Susan Ryan while she does photos on the morning of April 13th. Please contact Sam if you can help with either of these needs!

Jessie's Girl has lost her jewels! A generous donor dropped off three boxes of jewelry in the Auction Donations box in the office, but there was no accompanying information. We're wondering Who Can It Be Now? If it's you, please email Karen - to say Hello.