Subject: Teachers Day Off - Who Gets Your Vote(s)?

As part of the "Score Big for Pilgrim" fundraiser we also want to give one of our wonderful, hardworking teachers a well-deserved extra day off. Who that teacher will be depends on YOU! Spend $10 to vote for a teacher you think has earned an extra day off. The teacher with the most votes will get an additional paid vacation day. 

Can I vote for more than one teacher? Or for one teacher more than once?
Absolutely! This is Chicago, after all. Each time you vote it's $10 (payable in cash or check) and you can purchase as many ballots as you like. 

How do I vote? 
You will have many opportunities to purchase and cast your ballot (or ballots): 
  • Look for the ballot that went home in backpacks this week. There will be a box in the school office set up for completed ballots and payments.
  • On Thursday and Friday there will be an "authorized polling place" set up outside school at dropoff and pickup where you can purchase ballots and cast your vote(s).
  • Ballots will be available for purchase at the Score Big for Pilgrim event at Whirlyball on Saturday night.
How will the money from the fundraiser be used? 
Not only will this fundraiser give some recognition and an extra reward to a fantastic teacher, the money we raise will be another avenue to help us meet our Score Big for Pilgrim financial goal.

When will the winner be announced? 
The winner will be announced during the live auction at the Score Big for Pilgrim event on Saturday night. We hope you will be on hand to congratulate the lucky teacher in person!

It's a tough choice - so many worthy candidates - and every vote counts! If you have any questions please contact Carrie Goerne ( or Tarah Dickerson (

Score Big Drive for 25k Total: $20,350. Thundering down the home stretch!
Also, be part of the championship team - event volunteers are still needed. Sign up here: