Subject: Save the Date for The Totally 80's Pilgrim Prom- April 30th

Dear Pilgrim Members,

Here I Go Again, getting all excited for this year's auction! The auction team and I can't wait for the most fun event yet...

Now that the excitement of the holidays has passed us, don't get down! We have the biggest event of this year (forget the elections!) coming up on April 30th- The Totally 80's Pilgrim Prom! Save the date and get ready to dance the night away because we are Livin' On A Prayer that you will help us with this great cause! Don't Stop Believin' that this is going to be our best year yet.

This year's event will be held at Pilgrim for the first time in many years- we will have a DJ, spiked punch and a lot of great surprises- Our Lips Are Sealed! We'll have some fun 80's food for those of you who are Hungry Like The Wolf. We encourage you to dress in any 80's themed costume- no prom dresses required. Now you can finally use those neon legwarmers you saved!

So---here's what we need:

Each family is invited to donate or solicit AT LEAST one donation- the more you can do, the better! Local businesses, your place of employment (or friends' or family businesses), restaurants and talents are great sources for donations. We are open to your ideas and would love some new and creative donations this year. Last year, we had everything from restaurant gift cards to vacation homes to homemade art and more. Email Sam ( or Karen ( for any ideas or questions. ALL donations are due on April 11.

We will have a lot of volunteer opportunities coming up prior to the event and during the event. Please be on the lookout for more info with detailed needs and requests.

Get ready to have some fun and support Pilgrim!

Sam Doerfler
Totally 80's Pilgrim Prom Auction Chair

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