Subject: Reminder- Children's Ministry Feedback Meeting

Dear Parents,

We are so thankful to know you and your wonderful children! Pilgrim is
amazingly blessed by kids in so many ways! We are so thankful for our
dedicated team of Sunday School teachers, parent volunteers, nursery
volunteers, and everyone who works to pass on the treasure of faith to the
next generation!

I want to encourage you to attend tomorrow evening's "Children's Ministry
Feedback Meeting" at 7 p.m. (Wednesday, May 4th) in the Church Parlor.
Our agenda is to listen to parents and Sunday School teachers as we
make plans for the strongest possible plan for how children experience
faith and worship on Sunday mornings in the future,
including a discussion about Sunday School.

If you cannot attend physically, but would like to participate via Google
Hangout or a conference call, let me know and I will send you an

If you cannot attend, but would like to offer some feedback via email,
please send Chris Wallis or myself some feedback:

1) What has been most beneficial to the faith development of your
children/youth on Sunday mornings so far?

2) What is most important to you as we plan for the future of children and
youth participation on Sundays? What is most helpful for parents?

3) Are you willing to be serve as a teacher or co-teacher in Sunday school
for some portion of the 16-17 school year?

4) Are you willing to serve as a volunteer nursery worker for the 16-17
school year?

Thank you,

Pastor Kristian