Subject: Play Lot UPDATE


We have raised $32,000 for the play lot renovation! This is an amazing response from our Pilgrim community and we THANK YOU! 

This includes the $10,360 on the WeRaise site, $15,000 from the fund-a-project donors at the auction, Chicago Pizza day sponsored by PTL, Popsicles in the play lot, operetta dvd orders, and generous donations that have come into the school office. 

The reality is that quotes are coming in, and we’re estimating that the project will cost $40,000 - $45000, not including the little kids' play deck. If we can raise a bit more, we can improve it more! 
We have 6 more days to STRETCH our goal and raise another $5K. Any amount is welcome. Can you help us S-T-R-E-T-C-H by $25, $50, $100, or $250, $500?

It has been wonderful and inspiring to see so many families, individuals, alumni and grandparents of students all donating to this project. If you can share the link with someone, please do!

Click HERE for the link. The site goes down on May 23rd. Please pledge now!

We are looking for someone to sponsor a jungle gym for $3,200. (yes playgrounds are expensive!) This is a playground feature that we want to add and that will please children of all ages! It will go in the garden space. We’ll need resilient surface underneath this and the climbing wall. That will be expensive too! (site prep, material, labor).

If you are interested in sponsoring something specific, let us know:
  • 2 new basketball backboards - $300 each
  • outdoor volleyball stands - $549
  • volleyball net - $75
  • climbing handholds for climbing or “bouldering" wall - 4 gifts of $200

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