Subject: Pilgrim Town Hall Meeting

Dear Pilgrim Community,

Today (Pilgrimfest) was an amazing celebration! Thank you, all for making

it possible!

In the midst of a very beautiful and uplifting day, a very disturbing flyer

smearing both the community of Jesus People USA and Pilgrim was found in

various places in our immediate neighborhood and on the Pilgrim campus.

This is not the way we handle conflict at Pilgrim. If we have a problem

with someone, we go directly to that person in the wisdom of Matthew 18 and

in keeping with our school covenant of conduct.

We will be holding a forum on Wednesday, September 20th at 7 p.m. at

Pilgrim in Maring Hall. This program will be facilitated with the purpose

of addressing this recent attack on the character of the children and

families of our school community. We will also use our time together

to reaffirm our commitment to deal with conflict and concerns in an open

manner. We invite you to join us at this forum.

Again, thank you for making Pilgrim what it is, and what it is becoming…

a nurturing Christian community committed to academic excellence that is

raising up young people to be courageous and active members of society.

Chris Comella Kristian Johnson

Principal Pastor