Subject: Pilgrim Members Survey

Dear Pilgrim Members,

This Saturday, our church council will be on retreat with a guest
facilitator, the Rev. David Daubert of Zion Lutheran Church in Elgin, IL
and with Lead Consultant with Day 8 Strategies.

Pastor Dave has designed a survey that will help us have helpful feedback
as we reflect together on what's going on at Pilgrim, and how God is
calling us to grow our ministry.

We need your help. Please follow this link and submit the survey by
Friday, March 11th at 11 a.m.

This survey is for us to share what they find meaningful about faith
and Pilgrim's life, what they believe others would find meaningful, and what
fears they have and help they would like to be better able to invite others
to join with them in faith and church life.

Thank you so much!

Sincerely, in Christ,

Mike Suhajda Kristian Johnson
Congregational President Pastor