Subject: Let there be light!

Pilgrim Update
Dear Friends,

Greetings from El Salvador! We are so grateful for your prayers and support!

Please join us this Sunday for a wonderful message from Dr. Peter Vethanayagamony, who is a dynamic preacher from India. He is the associate professor of modern Church History and director of the D.Min. program at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

I'd like to share some videos from our El Salvador Mission Trip! The Pilgrim delegation of Scott Russell, Ralph Mafucci, Renee Stuedemann, Anne Carroll, Jean Carroll, Hope Johnson, Alex Bologna, Anna-Kari Johnson, Corie Sparline, and Alicia Figueroa have all been a part of this mission... We brought solar energy to the church, and later, to 7 homes in the community of Loma de Ramos... here is a video of the day:

We also made a video greeting for Pilgrim School from our sister school in San Salvador, Colegio Luterano Salvadoreno:

Here is a video from Salvadoran TV, channel 19, where they report on the Peace March we had the honor of participating in on August 6th. The report highlights the march and the reconciliation work the Lutheran Church of El Salvador among gangs in San Salvador. Xavier and I make an appearance at 1:50...:

God's peace!

Market Day in the Summer
Market Day is over for the year but you can get some of your favorites over the summer (and during the year) at GFS Marketplace stores in the area. The closest one to Pilgrim is at 50 Golf Mill Center in Niles- behind the theater on Milwaukee Ave. Pilgrim earns 5% of Market Day products and 1% of other products offered by Gordon Food Services. Pilgrim's number is 4593. Call Anne Barsano 773-472-6037 or email to  if you need other locations. New Market Day forms will be out the end of August- your wait will be over!! 

Dominick’s Gives Back to Schools
Have you ever noticed the yellow "10% Back to School"  labels on the shelves at Dominick's in August and September? These labels show you which products are included in the  promotion which Dominick's runs to benefit our schools.  Please register your Dominick's loyalty card online at or give the number to Anne Barsano. Every time you shop at Dominick's a % of your order goes to Pilgrim. The promotion totals   show up on your receipt in late September and October. You may give those (and also ones from friends, relatives and neighbors) to Anne for credit, even if you are not registered. This is a simple and mindless way to earn extra funds for Pilgrim!!  The promotion starts on August 14th and runs through the 2nd week of September!

Magazine Drive in September
Pilgrim's Magazine Drive will start September 9th and continue through September 27th.  Packets will go out the first week in September.  If you can't wait, please go to to place your order. Pilgrim's New School Online ID is: 2633014. Prices are usually the same or lower than buying directly from the publisher. Remember, Pilgrim receives 40% of your order. 
Online Giving at Pilgrim
Did you know that you can support the mission of Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School by giving online? As most of you are aware, Pilgrim Church has accepted automatic contributions through Simply Giving for several years. We are excited to announce that there is now a page on the Pilgrim website that lets you make contributions online! Giving online is easy and allows you to set up one time donations or automatic recurring contributions and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Donations may be made directly from your checking account or by credit card.

Just go to the church website at and click on the Online Giving tab just below the church address at the top of the page. Click Create Profile if you want to be able to track your giving history or are already using Simply Giving for contributions. To make a one-time or recurring donation without tracking your donation history—just complete the form and click on Continue. Donations may be made to any of the funds listed on the pew envelope. If you’d like to contribute to a fund not listed, use “Other” and provide the fund name.

Church Calendar

Here's what's happening this week at Pilgrim Church -  to go to the complete online calendar, click here

August 11 Sunday
9:30 a.m. Worship Service
10:30 a.m. Coffee Hour Team Doerfler/Kaniff

August 15 Thursday
6:30 p.m. TOPS

August 17 Saturday
7:00-8:00 a.m. Prayer Team
10 a.m.-1 p.m. Hot Meals Team #9

August 11, 2013
Help Spread the Good News!
Help sponsor the purchase of a Bible. Pilgrim School needs new Bibles for student use in Christian Studies classes. We are in the process of purchasing The Guidebook:The NRSV Student Bible for each student in grades 4 through 8. The Guidebook, based on The New Revised Standard Edition currently used by the Church, is a student Bible developed especially to help students engage more deeply in God’s Word and apply it to real life situations. The cost of each hardcover book is $23.45. If you would like to sponsor a purchase, the cost is $23.45. Please indicate to whom you would like to dedicate your contribution. You may use the “Other” line on the pew envelope.
Save the Date:
MOPS Special Event September 5th
Do you find yourself becoming a nag to your child because they just won’t respond? Do your children sometimes ignore you or other adults? Join pediatric counselor, Danielle Marino, LCSW, for evidence-based strategies that will get your child to listen on the first ask. Danielle will demonstrate specific situations you may struggle with and provide you with scripted responses to help decrease problems with your child.

“Listening on the First Ask: Parenting without Power Struggles” will be presented by Danielle Marino, LCSW, at the parsonage, 4332 N. Winchester, Thursday, September 5th, from 9:15-11:15 a.m. Every parent needs a refresher in positive discipline! RSVP: email to Darcia Dierking, The suggested donation is $7 per family to cover meeting expenses. Childcare is provided and is meant to be helpful to moms. If it is more helpful to you to keep your child with you, that is also fine.

Pilgrim’s Vision Going Forward
Throughout the summer and fall, we've been exploring the habits the early church adopted in Acts 2. We've been bringing some of the content and feedback we received through the “40 Days to Shape our Future” during Lent. This exploration will resume in September, when we’ll be lifting up our proposed mission statement and core practices and how they could be used to shape our future ministry:

September 8th—Lift up Academic Excellence with a Heart
September 15th—(Block Party Sunday) Mpower Homes for Faith Formation
September 22nd—Preach on Mission Statement: In Christ's love, we gather, prepare, and send all as leaders for God's mission in the world. (GPS)
Congregational Forum on the Core Values (after service)
September 29th—Congregational Meeting to approve core values

Please continue to consider the areas of inclusion of children and youth, and justice for the vulnerable which were emphasized at worship this summer as you reflect on the question: What are the habits are we as Pilgrim going to form as we see the Holy Spirit move within us?

El Salvador Trip
Did you know that Pilgrim has raised over $10,000 for the El Salvador mission so far this year?   What an amazing church! 

Here is the breakdown of how the offerings have been used: 
Scholarships for Trip Participants: $1,297
Salvadoran College Sponsorships: $3,000
Church Construction-Colon Community: $1,000
 Solar Energy Project: $4,380 
Offering to Lutheran Church of El Salvador: $500
 These offerings total $10,177!
Special thanks to Church Administrative Secretary Barbara DeGraff for processing all of these offerings!

Flea Market in October?
Please let Anne Barsano know if you have any interest in helping with or participating in a Flea Market in Maring Hall in October or early November.  We would sell 21 spaces (with or without tables) and have a concession stand to raise money for a to-be-determined worthy cause. We will proceed if there is enough interest.  People from outside of Pilgrim may also participate.  
Our Prayer for Sunday
Almighty God, you sent your Holy Spirit to be the life and light of your church. Open our hearts to the riches of your grace, that we may be ready to receive you wherever you appear, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.

Sunday’s Readings
The first reading is 
Genesis 15:1-6: God promises childless and aging Abram that a child of his own will be his heir and that his descendants will number as many as the stars. Abram trusts God’s promise, and through this faith he is considered righteous.

The Psalmody is Psalm 33:12-22: Let your lovingkindness be upon us, as we place  our hope in you. (Ps, 33:22)

The second reading is Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16: Abraham and Sarah exemplify the vision of faith that people of God enact in every age. Their hope and trust in God’s promise allowed them to face an unknown future and to receive the promise of God.

The Gospel is Luke 12:32-40: Jesus encourages disciples to invest their hearts and live fully into God’s reign. Instead of facing life with fear, those who know God’s generosity are always ready to receive from God and to give to others.
Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School


Principal: Chris Comella
Administrative Secretary: Barbara DeGraff
Interim Office Manager: Ellen Twohig:

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