Subject: Important Info- Pilgrim Members

Dear Members of Pilgrim,

We are looking forward to your presence and participation at our
upcoming annual meeting which will take place on January 29, 2017
after the 10:30 a.m. service. (11:45 a.m.) Refreshments and Childcare
will be provided.
We will be reflecting on our ministry accomplishments and goals, voting
on a proposed motion to our bylaws, and electing new two new council

We invite you, as members and shareholders in this amazing community
called Pilgrim, to to do two things in preparation for our meeting:

1) Read this attached packet, which contains important information for our
present and future...and be inspired! It's amazing everything God is
doing in and through us!

2) Prayerfully reflect on these questions, which will be discussed at our
annual meeting:

a) One primary way God is blessing your life/your family’s life through
Pilgrim is…
b) One untapped or underutilized opportunity for us to extend our
mission to the world is…


to access a packet that contains the this Sunday’s agenda,
the proposed amendment to our by-laws, and ministry reports,
including the treasurer’s report.

Please contact us, President Mike Suhajda (
or Pastor Kristian (
with any questions or concerns.

In Christ,
Pastor Johnson and President Suhajda