Subject: #GivingTuesday and Pilgrim

Dear Friends,
In the last two weeks, 

148 children received academic excellence with a heart.

Over 90 people celebrated faith and thanksgiving, led by 18 kindergartners.
Teenagers fed the hungry in Humboldt Park and during Hot Meals.

Over 30 low income families received a complete turkey dinner delivered to their doorstep.

We reached $1000 raised to provide coats for low income children through our Coat Angels ministry.

6 Vacation Bible Schools were supported in Central America. 

Over 200 people gathered for worship, celebrating our three new member families, 5 families participating in our new “Opening the Treasure” Bible Class, and 15 confirmation students.
That was just two weeks at Pilgrim! 

Tomorrow, November 29th, 2016, is #GivingTuesday

 As non-profits across the world lift up appeals for Giving Tuesday 2016,
 please remember Pilgrim.

 Honor the difference Pilgrim has made in your life, 
your family’s life, and in the lives of people all over the world.

To give, visit 

Thank you in advance for your support in this season of Thanksgiving!

In Christ’s Love and Gratitude,
Pastor Kristian

P.S. And please note: this year, we are doing something different for our Pilgrim Auction 2017. We are inviting each Pilgrim household- both school and church- to voluntarily contribute $250, either through a cash donation, or by selling 5 raffle tickets which cost $50 each. The raffle tickets will be distributed in January.  Consider giving a gift of $250 today!