Subject: Giving Thanks for Pilgrim

November 17th, 2018

Dear Members of Pilgrim Lutheran Church,

Blessed November and Happy Thanksgiving! In this time of gratitude, we

give thanks to you for your love for God, for Pilgrim, and for the way you

live in witness to God’s love for the world!

Starting Sunday, November 18th, each of us will have an opportunity, in

the context of worship and thanksgiving, to make an offering commitment

for 2019 and to consider making a commitment to the 2019 Mortgage

Campaign. A copy of this letter was sent out this past week, this email

serves as an eversion of this year’s stewardship mailing.

We invite you to:

1. Spend time thanking God for all the blessings in your life and in our


2. Consult the Tithing Calculator on the back of the commitment card.

To calculate online, visit:

3. Pray about how much God would like you to give

4. Fill out the Pilgrim 2019 Commitment Card. Click here to access and


5. Consider going to our giving page at

in order to set up a monthly gift to General Stewardship Offering and/or

the Mortgage Campaign.

6. Place the card in the provided envelope and bring it to a worship

service to be shared as an offering, or send it in to Pilgrim.

Why do we give offerings to the church?

First, we give because we are loved and we share that love with others.

Giving is an act of worship. It is an outpouring of our gratitude for God,

recognizing that God is truly at work in our lives and in our congregation.

Secondly, we believe the church is making a difference. On All Saints

Sunday, November 4th, we welcomed back 11 youth and 3 adults from

a youth and confirmation retreat, and were blessed to hear this testimony

from a 9th grader named Alexx:

“I have always believed in God, but I never really knew how to pray or

connect… I’m so glad for this church, and for my friend who invited me

on this youth retreat on prayer, because for the first time, I have learned

how to connect with God and feel God’s presence, even in the dark times.”

By the grace of God, we get to be active participants in a community that

o has welcomed 43 new students into our school this year

o feeds hundreds of people a month through hot meals and our

partnerships with local food pantries

o has welcomed 18 households into membership and ministry over

the past year and a half

Because Anna-Kari and I believe in God and believe that Pilgrim is

making a difference, we are increasing our tithes in our worship offerings

to $700 a month, and are increasing our commitment to the Capital

Campaign to $190 a month. This is beyond what give to other Pilgrim

and kingdom causes, and our giving to the “Windows Into Our Future”


We have chosen to give electronically… it is more convenient for us and

more beneficial to Pilgrim. We invite you to do the same.

You are especially invited to join us tomorrow at 8 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.,

when we will be inviting the congregation to bring up their offerings and

commitment cards during the offering time as an act of Thanksgiving. If

you are not able to make it this Sunday, feel free to place your

commitment card in the offering plate on another upcoming Sunday, or

send or place the card in the church or school office.

We hope you will prayerfully consider the ways God is inspiring you to

give in this season of gratitude and fruitfulness!

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! Happy Thanksgiving!

In Christ,

Pastor Kristian Johnson