Subject: Far Out Thursday Auction Update - Donations

We'll be sending you some groovy auction info each week on Thursday, so be on the lookout for updates! 

There are a lot of changes this year so 
we'll keep you informed on anything that is new and different.

This week's update from the auction team is all about donations! Donations are what help us make a large portion of profits at the auction event and we really need your help to bulk this up! With the silent auction, we are allowing a much larger group access to bidding and this really helps out Pilgrim when it comes to fundraising. 

How can you help? We are asking that each Pilgrim family contribute at least one donation. This could mean soliciting a donation from a business that you love or frequent or making a donation from your family if you feel uncomfortable asking for a donation. Local restaurants, breweries, sporting events, theaters, etc. are great donations that really help us out. We are specifically looking for the following right now- personal service donations (spa, massage, mani-pedi, etc.) and restaurants/local culture/hotel type donations. If you decide to give your donation in the form of a gift card, make sure to see Anne in the office and Pilgrim will get a double benefit from your purchase. 

Please see the donation form attached.

A specific request - if you or someone in your family is a heavy-duty traveler and would be able to donate miles, we are hoping to put together a travel package. Mile donations are tax-deductible and can really help us out with a bigger item! Along the same lines, vacation homes or time shares would be a huge help as well.

To the families who have already donated or solicited donations, thank you! 

The deadline for all donations is February 1st!

Don't forget to buy tickets and raffles - click HERE!

You can add on the tuition raffle ticket, as well as buy Teacher's Day Off tickets prior to the event.

Be on the lookout for invites, they will be mailed today! 

RSVPs can be returned to school, there is a box on the bulletin board in the entry way and in the school office.

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