Subject: Far Out Thursday Auction Update

We'll be sending you some groovy auction info each week on Thursday, so be on the lookout for updates! 

There are a lot of changes this year so 
we'll keep you informed on anything that is new and different.

Online Auction

The online auction is off to a groovy start- don't miss out on your favorite items! We have over 200 totally cool donations that you definitely need to check out- find them all HERE

We have everything from an Island Getaway to Swim Classes and more! We will have special items at the event for bidding as well- two Michigan Getaways, Art Work from Pilgrim parents and fun experiences, like a Chicago Staycation or an Organic Farm Tour, so make sure to get your tickets so you don't miss out!


Saturday, February 28 is the LAST DAY FOR LOWER PRICED TICKETS! Ticket prices will increase to $85 for regular tickets or $60 for senior tickets, on Sunday, March 1st so get your tickets now! Get tickets, Tuition Raffle or Teacher's Day Off tickets HERE

Tuition Raffle

We have a special announcement for the tuition raffle----we've added a special prize for anyone who has bought/buys a ticket for the tuition raffle PRIOR to the auction will be entered to win! For those of your who have purchased your raffle ticket or purchase it by March 6th, we will have a special drawing for a PAS Punch Card (valued at $150!). Right now, your chances to win the ultimate prize (a year of tuition at Pilgrim!) are great so buy one....or two....or more to hedge your bets! These can be purchased online by clicking HERE


In the past, our Fund-a- Need portion of the auction donations have gone directly into much needed projects for our school and our children. Over the 10 year history of Fund-a-Need giving, we have raised funds for iPads, the Computer On Wheels, technology improvements, desks, a sensory table for preschool, and pull down shades to help darken the room for classroom work.

After careful consideration for the auction this year, the newly designated FUND-A-PROJECT has been established with the concentrated goal of improving and renovating our school playlot and play deck. This renovation will establish a more safe and child friendly environment that will enable our children to have additional opportunities for open space play. It will also create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that would allow for both active and non-active recreation! Please consider donating to this wonderful cause during the live auction portion of our auction event!

Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School

Our Mission:
In Christ's Love, We Gather, Prepare, and Send 
all as leaders for God's mission in the world. (GPS)

Pastor: Kristian Johnson
Principal: Chris Comella
Church Office Manager: Lindsay White
School Office Operations Manager: Ellen Twohig

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