Subject: Far Out Thursday Auction Update

We'll be sending you some groovy auction info each week on Thursday, so be on the lookout for updates! 

There are a lot of changes this year so 
we'll keep you informed on anything that is new and different.

Greetings from the 1970s! Are you ready to dust off your disco duds and get your groove on at Those 70s Shows?

Have you been working on your costumes? So far we have some disco divas, characters from a favorite 70s cartoon, radio DJs and more! Get creative and come as your favorite 70s television character or in a 70s-themed costume!

The donations deadline has come and gone and we are still getting in some really amazing items- it's not too late! 

Drop off your donation by Tuesday, February 10th at the absolute latest to have it included in the auction. Each family is asked to donate at least one item to help out- if you need ideas, contact or One need we would really like to fill is a donation of airline miles- if you travel a lot and have so many miles you don't know what to do with, we can help!

Tickets & Raffle

The tuition raffle is still available but once we run out, you'll miss out on your chance for a YEAR OF TUITION for one child at Pilgrim! You can buy tuition raffle tickets, teacher's day off tickets and your ticket to attend Those 70s Shows by clicking HERE.


If your family or business would like to sponsor the event and show a little extra support- please use the form attached to this email and return it to Alison Hays ( by 2/20 at the latest. This level of support really helps us to go a step above previous year's fundraising and make this the best year ever!

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