Subject: Check Out These Baskets!

We are so excited about the incredible magic that YOU helped us make with your Amazon donations to our themed raffle baskets - your generosity made it all happen. Thank you for jumping on board with so much enthusiasm! 
Instead of auctioning these beauties off to the highest bidder on Saturday night, we’re keeping with the spirit of small participation and making each basket an individual raffle item. Everyone, whether you purchase 1 ticket or 100 tickets, has a chance to win! 

* Basket Raffle Tickets will be available when you check in. They are $5 each OR $50 for each bundle of 15. (You can do the math, but it’s a really good deal to pony up $50 or $100!) 
* Each of the baskets will have a box in front of it. You can choose where to direct your efforts… maybe your strategy is to put a couple of tickets in each box in hopes of a multiple basket win OR maybe you’ve got your heart set on one particular basket (whiskey, anyone?) and every ticket you have is going there. 
* There will be volunteers milling about to help when you decide to buy more tickets throughout the night, and the winner of each basket will be drawn during the Live Auction. 

A tiny sneak peek (Ann & Katie aren’t quite finished yet!) at what’s in store…  
Summer Fun * Arts and Crafts * Beach Day * Family Game Night * Lucky Lottery * Road Trip! * Nature Adventure. * Baking & Cooking * Family Movie Night * The Whiskey Barrel 
We can’t wait to fiesta with you on Saturday night!