Subject: Build Resurrection Update

Build Resurrection Update
Greetings from El Salvador!  We hope this message finds you well!  It is awesome to see how God is using the Lutheran Church here to heal, to serve, to educate, to create possibilities for the future of this nation named after Jesus!  Here is an update "from the ground" on the Build Resurrection Project!  Please keep praying and keep the faith!
Please check out our latest update with pictures at:
The building of Resurrection Lutheran Church...
...has been stripped except for the wooden studs, the floor tiles, and the alloyed steel exterior... the congregation is worshipping in another space across the street...Christian shares pictures of the new architectural design... why a new design?  Because the government of El Salvador has declared the building a historical landmark (un "tesoro cultural"), which means that every floor tile from the 1880's, every sheet of alloyed steel from the exterior MUST BE USED in the new church building, so an architect is marking every single tile and every single piece of alloyed metal exterior...and mapping it out on his sketchpad so that each piece of material can be used in the new building. 

Pastor Christian Chavarria, Bishop Gomez, and two representatives from the Architecture company gave a presentation before worship at Resurrection on Sunday morning.  We are glad to hear that Bishop Gomez and Christian are planning to meet one more time with the Director of Culture of El Salvador sometime after the 7th of August to see if these ridiculous restrictions can be lifted... the new historic landmark requirements have increased the cost of construction, because the original plan that had a budget of $180,000 is not being permitted by the government.  Due to the historical landmark distinction, the estimated cost of construction is $330,000. 

Pastor Christian has been so frustrated with this situation..."30 years ago, the government/military bombed this church," says Christian, "and now you're telling us that we can't tear it down??"  But he is not giving up hope or faith... so neither should we!
Please join us in praying that the Salvadoran Government would lift these restrictions so that the rebuilding of Resurrection would move forward with freedom!