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November 2016
If you are interested in Adopting a Senior Pet this Month, please contact 
Safe Harbor Humane Society at 262-694-4047.  Seniors need love too!
Shel-Ray would like to 
Welcome Three New Employees to the Family!
Cathy is Shel-Ray's newest Groomer. She not only has 4 dogs (a German Shepherd, a Pug & 2 Chihuahuas), she also breeds Finches and Canaries.  In her off time, she loves riding her Harley and going to music festivals.  
Call today to schedule a grooming appointment with Cathy!
Heather is one of 
Shel-Ray's newest Pet Care Assistants.  She has a great passion for animals, owning a small zoo herself including 2 Guinea Pigs, a Fish, a Cat and a Sheltland Pony.  When she's not at work, she loves horseback riding and dabbles in the arts with drawing and digital art.

Zuri is also one of 
Shel-Ray's newest Pet Care Assitants.  She is the proud dog momma of 2 dogs, a Pitbull and a Malamute mix.  In her free time, she loves to go hiking with her dogs and is the quite the artist.  She's already started to work in the office so make sure to stop by and say hi!
Holiday Events
Recipe of the Month
Cranberry Treats

½ cup Whole Cranberries (from fresh or frozen)
1½—2 cups Quinoa Flour (can substitute for regular whole wheat flour)
2 Eggs
1 tbsp Coconut Oil

1. Preheat oven to 350º F (180º C).
2. In a food processor or by hand, mix eggs, coconut oil, and flour until combined. It will look crumbly.
3. Roughly chop your cranberries into smaller pieces. The smaller your pieces, the easier they are to cut into shapes, but obviously larger chunks will add for a nice pop of flavour in the finished treat—so it’s up to you! We went for bigger pieces.
4. Add chopped cranberries to dough mixture until just combined (too much, and the cranberry juices will bleed into your nice dough! Which isn’t a terrible thing, but just something to consider…) then pour mixture (again, crumbly) onto your working surface and bring it together by hand.
5. Depending on the size of your eggs (ours were from a local farm and medium-sized) and the moisture content of your cranberries, you may need to add more flour to really bring the dough together. I tried these treats with both a wetter dough and a more floury dough, and the end result was the same. The only difference was ease of cutting (a wetter dough is more difficult to cut into shapes).
6. Roll out dough to about ¼ inch thickness or slightly more and cut into shapes. For easy cleanup and easier rolling, I put the dough on a piece of parchment paper and put another overtop between the dough and the rolling pin.
7. Bake on a non-stock cookie sheet (or, again, use parchment paper!) for 13–15 minutes, flipping halfway through. If you’ve left larger chunks of cranberries, you may want to leave them in the other for an additional 3–5 minutes. These treats should last about 7–10 days.
8. If you want to ensure your treats are completely dehydrated (for better shelf life and a better crunch), turn your oven off at the 10 minute mark and leave the treats in there for an additional 15—20 minutes.
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