Subject: Canine Cough is in the Area

Canine Cough is in the Area!
We at Shel-Ray wanted to inform you that Canine Cough is in the area.  If your pet has been here or at a veterinarian, dog park, daycare, or pet supply store in the last 2 weeks, they have been exposed.  Dogs are contagious before the show symptoms which makes it very difficult to predict when an outbreak will occur.
Canine Cough is a highly contagious, upper respiratory disease, much like the human cold.  Canine Cough is an airborne pathogen but can be also spread by contact.  If a pet does start to cough, some vets will give them an antibiotic to prevent against secondary infection, but there is no treatment for the cough since it is viral.  
Every pet that comes in for lodging or daycare is required to get the bordetella vaccine, which is for canine cough.  Much like the human flu vaccine, the vaccine doesn't prevent your pet from getting sick, it decreases the severity of the symptoms and the risk of shedding the virus to other pets.
If your pet is coming to visit us withing the next few weeks, there is a chance your pet will be exposed to Canine Cough.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us or your veterinarian.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Shel-Ray Staff
12005 Bristol Road, Bristol, WI 53104, us
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