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Must see Exhibitions and Venues this week in France
Exhibition - Beat Generation
Centre Georges Pompidou | Paris
The Centre Pompidou celebrates this particular period in literary history with a multidisciplinary exhibition that embraces the nomadic spirit of the Beat Generation, tracing their stories from New York to Paris, and Mexico to Tangier. Through photographs, films and music, the event details the Beat Generation’s whirlwind lives and rich cultural legacy, making it a must-see for the summer.

Kérylos Villa

A palace inspired by ancient Greece on the French Riviera! This is the crazy project led by Theodore Reinach. This archaeologist passionate by Greek civilization built a villa like those of ancient Greece. The result is amazing!.
Based on the design of a noble houses on the Delos island in the second century B.C., Villa Kerylos is an invitation to travel to the heart of Greek antiquity.

Exhibition - Sabine Weiss
Château de Tours | Tours

Last representative of the post-war humanist school, which brings together photographers like Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis, Edward Boubat, Brassaï or Izis, Sabine Weiss, for the first time, agreed to open her personal archives and give testimony about her life and her work as a photographer. 

Exhibition - Eckersberg, Danish Artist in Paris
Fondation Custodia | Paris

A major exhibition that put on the spotlight one of the key figures of the Danish Golden Age of art – and on his endeavours to create the perfect picture. The exhibition will include several paintings that have not been on public display for more than a hundred years.

Montmarin Estate

The Montmarin estate is a classified Remarkable Garden, located at the foot of a superb malouinière of Louis XV style, historical monument in Brittany near Dinard and Saint Malo. The Montmarin garden installed on almost 6 hectares, opens on a beautiful lake, and by successive terraces down to the Rance river with its French garden and romantic park with lawns, bushes, rock garden, massive and botanical collections.

Exhibition - Olafur Eliasson
Versailles Palace | Versailles

A waterfall in the middle of the main lake, a grove immersed in fog, mirror games in the lounges of the Sun King ... This summer, the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson created the illusion in the Palace of Versailles with a spectacular exhibition. Guaranteed effect.

Exhibition - Hila af Klint : Painting the Unseen
Serpentine Gallery | London

The late Swedish painter Hilma af Klint, now regarded as a pioneer of abstract art, "claimed to be a clairvoyant who was told by spirit voices to paint 'on the astral plane'. Although her paintings were not seen publicly until 1987, her work from the early 20th century pre-dates the first purely abstract paintings by Kandinsky, Mondrian and Malevich. With this exhibition which focuses primarily on her body of work, the Serpentine reveals Af Klint's unseen spiritual world.
Beautiful Sculpture
Nazar Bilyk
Ukrainian artist Nazar Bilyk created the 6-foot tall sculpture “Rain” as a symbol of man’s communication with nature, a dialogue between the human race and the world around us.

2001 Space Odyssey by Picasso
Bhautik Joshi

Photographer Bhautik Joshi has managed to make the film 2001: A Space Odyssey into something even more terrifying, turning the 1968 Sci-Fi movie by Stanley Kubrick into an animation fueled by Picasso paintings.

Paris Under Water
Olivier Campagne and Vivien Balzi

A distressing and aesthetic video by Olivier Campagne & Vivien Balzi representing Paris drowned under water.

Animal Art
Duke Riley

In the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Duke Riley releases thousands of birds with LED lights strapped to their legs, illuminating the sky in a choreographed flight pattern as a piece of art titled Fly By Night. 
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