Subject: Dr. Strange God

Hey Friend,

The other day I was searching for some wisdom & inspiration in the Bible and I ran across a very interesting thought...

Feast your mind upon this..

"... Put away the strange gods that are among you, and be clean, and change your garments."

As with all words, this could mean so many things, but here's one possible interpretation that relates to life and prosperity expansion.

Jesus said to become as little children.

One thing I've noticed about my kid's, especially when they were little, is that their minds were totally open.

They were open to learning..

They were curious...

They didn't think they had everything all figured out, like so many adults do.

Sometimes, time and age, causes people to mistakenly concluded that, all the answers have been discovered, the truth is theirs, and there's nothing left to learn.

"Be clean" says the scripture, and maybe, that means it might be a great idea to just wipe away what we think we know, and be open to the possibility that there's more for us to learn.

Maybe what we think we know about God, people, money... etc... Isn't as accurate as we've been taught.

One simple example is the many varied groups throughout the world, who claim to be followers of Jesus, who simultaneously set up elaborate systems of judgement for their followers, where seemingly infinite degrees of 'more than', 'less than', 'better than', 'worse than' labels are applied continually.

Wait, what!?  

Didn't Jesus say "Don't judge", or something to that affect?

How strange is this?


And maybe that's an example of a strange god, that we're supposed to wipe clean from our mind's so we can be open to more light and knowledge..

Anyway, Friend, lots of examples of this... and we went into more detail on today's mastermind. 

Bottom line... If we can be more open to receiving...

Ideas, opportunities, wisdom, insights, love, etc..

Maybe it IS, true that the windows heaven can open up for us more fully, in ways we never could have imagined.

I believe there is unlimited abundance, happiness, joy, meaning, purpose and FUN, waiting for us all to step more fully into.

I wish all these things, and more for you today Friend.

Thanks for reading and whatever you do, always go for your dreams.



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