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Issue 84 (24/7/18)

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had an fantastic year at Samuel Whitbread with a number of notable highlights. The last two weeks were no exception and included: Year 11 and Year 13 Proms, Jambo Fun Day, House Olympics, Annual Sports Awards, Tanzania, Gold DofE practice expedition and the Little Shop of Horrors.

The Jambo Fun Day is always great fun, as well as an opportunity for every tutor group to raise money for our sister school near Mombasa in Kenya. Jambo school is for children who often can’t afford to attend other schools in the area and also includes an orphanage – many of whom are Aids orphans. Over the last few years we have raised funds to pay for roofs and floors to be mended, new desks as well as roast chickens for their Christmas lunch! The latest round of fund raising will help pay for a new well, so they can have their own fresh water supply. After an afternoon of soak the teacher, live music and guess the number of balloons in the car - we managed to raise well over £1000.

The Year 13 and Year 11 Proms were both a great success – despite the England team dropping out of the world cup during the Year 11 Prom. I’m pleased to say that once the final whistle blew, rather than dampening their spirits, the students marched straight over the dance floor and partied on to the end. The atmosphere and behaviour at both events was good-natured and respectful, in fact the doorman at the Year 11 prom told me that he always looks forward to the SWA Prom because the students are ‘such nice kids’.

The Little Shop of Horrors production was absolutely amazing this year. We decided to invest in professional staging, using the profits from previous performances and it certainly made a difference. The staging included movable set as well as three different versions of 'Audrey 2', the final version was over 2m tall and 3m wide. The pressure of having to move such complicated staging, various pieces of equipment, lighting and radio mics - whilst signing, acting and dancing – was a valuable experience for all the students involved and a great insight for anyone going onto a career in the theatre. I would like to thank Mr Mitchel for the amazing bunches of flowers for all the staff involved in the performances.

The House Olympics is another highlight of the year. The Olympics follows after each of the individual year sports days and involves everyone in the entire school, who compete in the final track events. This year Whishaw were crowned the champions. Once the points from the Olympics are totalled up – they are added to all the house points gained throughout the year for excellent classwork, HWK and sports events etc. This year the House that came out on top and won the prestigious Sir Samuel Whitbread House Cup was Olivier.

Last Friday staff and students set off for four weeks in Tanzania. Each student has to raise over £4000 to go on the trip which as well as sightseeing, includes working on a community project. This year the students will be helping to renovate a school building. Also, several Year 12 students took part in the Gold DofE practice in Yorkshire. The weather was stupendous and the biggest challenge was staying hydrated and avoiding sunburn.

At this time of year there are always a few members of staff moving on to other schools, or retiring etc. Each of the staff will be sorely missed and are listed below in the leavers section. I would like to thank them for all their efforts whilst at Samuel Whitbread.

After another amazing year of sport - students, parents and staff all came together on Monday evening to celebrate the year and give out a host of different awards such as Rising Star, Best Male/Female player and the final award of the evening Best Team. This was a close affair this year, with teams such as the cup winning girls cricket team and national finalists boys 1st XV rugby team up against the newly formed Equestrian Team. I’m delighted to say that the Equestrian team came out on top, no doubt helped by their winning streak of County Champions followed by National Champions. This is an incredible feat considering the team was only put together by Miss Wisson in September!

A fantastic end to the year!

Nick Martin

Year 9
I would like to thank Year 9 students for an incredible start to their careers at Samuel Whitbread Academy this year. The enthusiasm, effort and attitude shown by students has been excellent and this will stand them in good stead going forward into their GCSEs. I would also like to thank you as parents for all the support you have given the year team and your children this year. I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to all students starting their options in September and working with them for another year.

Miss E Wisson
Year 10
Having only been the head of this wonderful year group for half a term I have already noticed how enthusiastic they are about their school and how determined they are to be successful. They have stepped up and filled the void left by this years' leavers. I have seen so many positive role models for the younger pupils especially on the transition days.
I hope everyone in the year group uses the summer to recharge their batteries and expand their experiences, ready for the challenge of Year 11 - the most important year in their young lives so far.
I look forward to the many positive conversations we will have over the coming year and to sharing the collective successes across the year group.

Mr R Sinclair
Sixth Form
We are looking forward to seeing the outgoing Year 13 students at results day on the 16th August. School will be open between 8am-12pm and members of the Sixth Form team will be on hand to help and advise.
We welcome the new Year 12 cohort on Tuesday 4th September in their checking meeting with their form tutor. All applicants to our Sixth Form should have received this appointment time. Any questions about this, or option choices, can be directed to
All induction resources from each subject are available through the website here.

Start dates for all Sixth Form students is Wednesday 5th September, with new Year 12s having a day of induction, finishing at 1pm and starting their new timetables the following day.

A reminder that all sixth form students are expected to wear the sixth form dress code, more information can be found here.

Jambo Jipya
Last Thursday afternoon all students were given last lesson off timetable and each tutor group contributed to setting up a stall or shared running a stall to raise funds for our sister school Jambo Jipya in Kenya. Stalls included festival face painting, guess the amount of balloons in the car, cracker eating challenge and soak the teacher, student or rugby player, which was very popular! Thank you to staff and students that put so much effort into the afternoon. The atmosphere was amazing with the students all getting involved with the whole idea. Phil Beach who is a representative for the Jambo Jipya School was there to witness the event and he could not believe how everyone was so keen to support the event. Once the total monies raised during the afternoon and subsequent mufti day today have been totalled up, we will publish the total amount raised.
Tanzania Trip
A group of Year 11 and Sixth Form students are currently in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tanzania. Mixing volunteer community work with sightseeing and a multitude of cultural experiences, students are having a fantastic time and we await their return with many stories and photos to boot!
Year 10 Food Tech Afternoon Tea
The Year 10 food tech students were amazing earlier this month, producing an afternoon tea for the their parents. The dishes they produced were outstanding and they really worked hard on three very hot days. I felt very proud of them for the hard work and commitment they put in. Mrs Lund.
French Food Trip
The food department took 17 students to the Opal Coast in France two weeks ago. We had three busy days of activities from going to a bakery, sweet factory, snail farm, goat farm, bee museum to a chocolate factory. Students were a credit to the school and an enjoyment to take away.
Little Shop of Horrors
Two weeks ago students from the performing arts department showcased a fantastic production of Little Shop of Horrors. They have been working hard as a small ensemble since January, and the end product was amazing. With packed audiences every night and a set that was perfect for a professional stage, the students were very excited to perform. On the final night they secured a sell-out performance and received a thoroughly deserved standing ovation. Well done to all students involved, both on and off the stage. Until the next one!
An amazing cricket season ended with three further trophies as the Year 9 and 10 cricket teams both won their district competitions and the Year 10 B team won the small schools district competition. This all means that in 2018 we have won the girls district and county finals, Year 9 and 10 district championships and the B team competition - a clean sweep for Samuel Whitbread!

The Year 9’s had a comfortable days work in the District Finals Day at Bedford Modern School as they dispatched Redborne in the semi final to set up an exciting final against Bedford Academy. Batting first in the final SWA broke a competition record for the highest score, hitting 177 in their 16 overs! Incredible batting from Joey Hall (50 not out), Benn Robson and Tom Grist showed how talented the Year 9 team are. With the score being so big, the bowlers finished the job.

Girls Cricket
Last Monday the U15 girls cricket team travelled to Loughborough to play in the regional cricket finals following success in the county rounds. In the first game against Simon Balle School the girls bowled first and we had fantastic bowling form Paris Musgrove and Jess Cooke with Simon Balle putting in 79 runs for us to chase. We had some huge hits from Tabby and Ayesha Brown and came away 1 run short 77. The girls went into their next two games and played unbelievably with great leadership from Paris and put two massive run scores on the board with both Birmingham University School and Babington not even coming close. Sadly losing our first game we played in the 3rd/4th play offs resulted in SWA finishing a credible 3rd in the region. Their development this season has been clear and I look forward to seeing how their cricket careers progress over the summer with many playing for Bedfordshire County.
The Year 10 cricket team had a small scare in the District semi final at Finals Day as they sneaked through against a tough Stratton side. Excellent bowling from Ben Gifford and Regan Marshall kept it tight and ensured we played local rivals Redborne in the final. Knowing they had a strong side SWA had to be on their game to take the title. An incredible opening spell of bowling from Lucas Bhatti and Dan Butler reduced the opposition to 20-6 and they could only post 49. This was successfully knocked off in 6 overs so that captain Ben Stevens lifted the trophy for the second year in a row!

This meant for the first time we have both Year 9 and 10 district champions. Alongside the girls and year 10B team, this has been an incredible year winning 32 off the 33 games!
House Olympics
Last Tuesday saw one of the biggest events of the school year, the House Olympics, with a morning of field events and afternoon where the whole school assembled en masse around the track to cheer on the runners in their houses. Some fantastic performances culminated in the relay races and a win for Whishaw house!
Sports Days
Two weeks ago, the Year 9, 10 and Sixth Form sports days were held - students all participated in various events including tug of war and showed great enthusiasm throughout!
Sports Awards
In the final week of term we held our annual Sports Awards evening, celebrating the participation and success of the hundreds of sporting stars that have represented Samuel Whitbread Academy in the past academic year. It was the biggest evening yet, and culminated in our four big awards, the equestrian team winning team of the year, Becky Darnell receiving the 'outstanding service to sport at SWA' award, Kizzy Angell winning the Rising Star trophy and Tom Litchfield claiming the Sports Personality of the Year award. Thank you all for your incredible support of SWA sport this year.

Emily Adams
Emily Adams is leaving after 16 years at Samuel Whitbread Academy. During this time Emily has seen a lot of change; changing curriculums, new buildings, visits from royalty, around 50 colleagues in science and thousands of students taught. Emily has had several roles around the academy, and most recently has been second in science. Emily has helped to drive the improvements in the science department and it is testament to her hard work that science has enjoyed year on year improvements since she has been in post and the best results we ever achieved last year. Emily is going to Biggleswade Academy where she will be head of science, a role that I know she will do very well. I say this on behalf of everyone at SWA and the many students who Emily has inspired (some of whom are now colleagues), thank you for your dedication and all the best for your next adventure.

Anna Williamson
After four years teaching textiles at SWA, Anna Williamson will be leaving us at the end of term to take up a new position as textiles teacher in a leading secondary school in the outer London area. We thank her for all the hard work and being an active member of the art and textiles department. Several students have gone onto study textiles at university no doubt largely due to her passion and enthusiasm and as a role model in the classroom. Miss Williamson has been a much valued and appreciated member of staff and we wish her every success as she moves on to Bentley Wood High School for Girls.

Farai Mandizha
Farai Mandizha is leaving after a year at Samuel Whitbread as a business teacher. During this time, Farai has inspired business and economics classes with his stories, his wicked sense of humour and his infectious smile. His subject knowledge is outstanding and he creates a learning environment that allows students to thrive. Farai has had a very positive impact within the Business department, and he makes us smile every day. We wish you the best for the future Farai!

Sarah Jellis
Sarah Jellis has been at SWA for 10 years, having joined us as an English teacher. In her time here she has trained countless English teachers working with the Bedfordshire Schools Training Partnership as the English subject tutor. Over her career she has developed significant expertise in teaching English to students with additional needs, and has spent the last few years working in the Learning Support department as Head of Learning Support. She has significantly developed our intervention programme helping students who need the most help with their studies, transforming the outcomes for many students. She is an outstanding classroom teacher who gets the very best out of all who she works with and she will be dearly missed. She is leaving teaching, and returning home to Cornwall to enjoy a new chapter by the seaside, we wish her all the best in her next steps.

Helen Cuthbert
Helen has worked at Whitbread for five years and has been a major driving force in improving girls PE. Anyone that knows Helen will be aware of her love of Netball and alongside Miss Wisson they have taken it to new heights! It’s been incredible working alongside Helen and seeing her have such a positive impact on so many students throughout her time here. We wish her every piece of luck in her new role at Lincroft (apart from when the play us at sport!)

Jeanette Griffiths
Jeanette has been a valuable member of the Learning Support department for 12 years. She has worked as a Learning Support Assistant, helping children in their classrooms. She has a wonderfully gentle approach to working with those who find learning most difficult and has nurtured many young people to achieving excellence in their GCSEs. We are very grateful for all she has done for our community and wish her well as she takes a break from education.

Lisa Coulson
Lisa Coulson is leaving us after eight years at Samuel Whitbread Academy having originally joined us on her teaching training placement. Her enthusiasm and love of geography has been passed on to many students over the years since. Lisa has led and been part of countless fieldtrips, particularly taking over the Switzerland trip that has opened the eyes of many Year 10 students over the years. She has also built up the department Twitter page and her regular updates are well followed. Lisa will be taking the head of department position at Wootton and we wish her every success with the next stage of her career.

Paul Henwood
Paul is a well-respected teacher across both PE and maths and will certainly be missed by both teams when he departs for Devon. Paul has been with us for four years and in that time has had an impact on many students’ lives. We wish him every success as he relocates with his partner and takes up a job as a maths teacher.

Georgina Beard
Georgina has made such an impact on both the students she teaches and the maths department and will be very much missed. It has been an absolute pleasure watching her develop from a trainee to be lead teacher for Year 9 and 10 where she has made a massive impact. Improving assessments, helping the department deal with the demands of a new specification, functional skills and also working closely with middle schools to ensure that the transfer of students is as seamless as possible. We wish her every success in her new job and new home.

Charles Abban
Charles Abban will be leaving us after just a year, but during that time he has brought to the department a wealth of resources that will be used for many years to come. He has taken on the demanding role of closing the gap for Pupil Premium students with good cheer and enthusiasm. Both staff and student wish him luck in his new role.

Show my Homework
We an online system for setting homework. The site is called 'Show My Homework' and can be accessed here. All pupils have been given a username and password for parents and carers, so you can monitor the work being set and the quality of the homework being completed by your children. Please follow the link if you wish to know more about the website and the functions it has to offer parents and carers.
Is your Child using their
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If your child is already receiving Free School Meals please remind them that they are entitled to £2.20 per day. It is advised that they use this amount at lunch time when they will get the best deal for their money. If the amount is not used it is not carried over to the next day, it will be removed and £2.20 will be credited to the account on a daily basis.

If there are any problems using the Biometric Finger Print System please speak to one of kitchen staff either behind the counter or in the office. If your child feels uncomfortable approaching the kitchen staff then please go to the year team pastoral officer.

Please be aware that the process for using the biometric finger print is exactly the same for children using free school meals or paying for school meals.

School Closure Arrangements due to Severe Weather
Please find information below from Central Bedfordshire Council for parents/carers to register to receive school closure alerts:
In order to receive an e-mail alert via the Central Bedfordshire Schools’ Open Status (SOS) system, you will need to register:
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If you have an existing account but have lost your login details please send an e-mail to to have your details refreshed.
For further information, please click here (APPENDIX C S)   

Free School Meals
- Are you Entitled?
If you would like to find out if you are entitled for your child to receive Free School Meals please contact Customer Services at Central Bedfordshire on 0300 300 8306. Please have the following information ready: national insurance numbers and dates of birth for you and your partner, dates of birth for your children, and if you receive support from the National Asylum Support Service, your NASS number. You may qualify if your child attends a school full time in the Central Bedfordshire area, and you get any of the following: Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit, Support from the National Asylum Support Service, Child Tax Credit (but not Working Tax Credit) and you have an annual income that does not exceed £16,190.

If you do not live in Central Bedfordshire area but your child attends a school in Central Bedfordshire full time, then you should apply to Central Bedfordshire Council, on 0300 300 8306. You will be informed if you are entitled to free school meals when you telephone, any problems verifying the entitlement will be discussed during the call. Please be advised that you can only apply for Free School Meals through Central Bedfordshire, Samuel Whitbread cannot process the application.
Young Carers
Our website now has links to organisations that offer advice and support for all the family along with young carers chat forums . Also you will find application forms for grants along with guidelines to help in making it easier to access any financial support you may need.
Pupil Premium
You may have received an email from us recently about the Pupil Premium funding that we have available to support some of our students. There is an application form on our website that you can use to request any support from the school - click here to see. All application forms or any requests for further information should be sent to

SEND Information Sessions
Free drop in information sessions are available for parents/carers with children with SEND. Click here to read more information.
Service Families
Samuel Whitbread is committed to supporting our service families. If you think you are going to be posted please contact Thomas Rowell ( so that he can help your child's transition go as smoothly as possible. We understand your circumstances might change again and that's OK. Kelly Furphy will also assist in any transition procedure and documentation needed.
Drop in Sessions
Drop in sessions with the school nurse are available every Tuesday breaktime in room 335. Students can seek advice on many issues such as healthy eating, bullying, family worries, health & wellbeing concerns.

Career information, advice and guidance support
The 4YPUK Careers Adviser Rose Birmingham is available for 1:1 appointments to talk though options and career ideas (or lack of ideas!) including apprenticeships, college courses, employment, training etc. To book an appointment visit: . Appointments are held in in Room 910 (Library).

More information and support can be found here on our website.
Adopted Children
If your child is adopted from care, under a special guardianship order or a residency order, we can claim extra funding from the government to support them in their progress at school. The funding is part of the Pupil Premium Grant and we can use it for all sorts of support from 1:1 tutoring to help with equipment, revision guides and trips.

Please let Mr. Rowell if you think your child may be eligible for this support. Email:

Safeguarding Team
We take the safeguarding of our students very seriously at SWA and the safety and protection of our students is paramount in all that we do on a day to day basis. Mark Gibbs, Associate Principal, is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at the Academy.

The team which includes Clare Hood, Associate Principal, Clare Bonham PSO Sixth Form, Jo Abbott PSO Year 9, Tanya Clark PSO Year 11, Thomas Rowell SENCO, Julie Saggers PSO Year 10, Vishali Yadav Head of Year 9 and Richard Sinclair Head of Year 11 are always willing to support and give advice.

If you do have any concerns about any of the students about their safety please contact a member of the Safeguarding team to discuss your concerns or contact The Central Bedfordshire HUB on 0300 300 8585 or if you live in Bedford Borough please call 01234 718700.





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Samuel Whitbread Academy has changed bank accounts. Could you please advise parents that all future cheque payments for school trips should be made payable to: Samuel Whitbread Academy – School Fund.
Signing In/Out
Following the installation of gates, students will only be able to enter and leave the school via reception. If your child needs to sign out during the school day, please make a note in their planner.  This will enable them to leave their lesson if necessary and sign out at reception ready to be collected.

All parents need to sign in at reception whenever they visit the site.
We would like to remind Parents and Carers of the regulations regarding holidays and would like to make you aware that Best Term dates may differ from the term dates published on the Central Bedfordshire website. Please see our website
The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 and Central Bedfordshire advise that unless special circumstances* are identified then term time holidays should not be authorised. 

Absence Request Forms can be collected from the Attendance Office (Room 337).
If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs A Martin – 01462 628041 or 

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