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Samuel Whitbread Academy 
Issue 101 (19/07/19)

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Dear Parents and Carers,

We’ve had another fantastic year at Samuel Whitbread and one which I will never forget.

Last week, along with a packed out audience in the hall, I watched an outstanding performance of High School Musical. The singing, choreography, acting, lighting and music were all exceptional - we certainly have some very talented students at SWA. I would like to thank all the staff involved in putting on such an impressive show and I'd also like to thank all the parents for all their unrelenting support for the Arts at our school. Miss Tabert mentioned in her closing remarks that many schools are having to cut the Arts because of pressures on school budgets and how fortunate we are that the size of the academy means that Arts are going from strength to strength.

We’ve had a host of different visitors this month. The first was Councillor Sue Clark from Central Bedfordshire Councils, who is the new Schools Portfolio holder and came in to have a look around the school and talk about the future plans for the cluster. Last week Councillor Richard Wenham also popped in for a meeting and a quick tour around the school. Also that week, Kate Chappell, the CEO of Challenge Partners came in to talk about some ideas we have for working with challenge partners in the future. This week we welcomed Deputy Council Leader Ray Dart (Chairman) & Mike Talbot of the Clifton Parish Council who popped in for a tour and to talk about the local community plan. Then finally, a keen supporter of the school and a big rugby fan, Councillor Steven Dixon (Stotfold and Langford ward) dropped in to present the U15 Rugby Team with their new school tie to celebrate their winning performance at Twickenham and our nomination in the annual National Rugby Awards for School of the Year.

During these last two weeks we have our summer sports events. Last week we had our fully inclusive events for each year group, which includes the space hopper relay and the tug of war. Then on monday we had our annual House Olympics, which is when our elite athletes compete for the top prize. In the morning we have the field events and then after lunch the whole school comes out to watch the sprints and relays. It was a fantastic day and the highlight for me was seeing hundreds of students dancing together, led by Mrs Minker, as we waited for the final scores to be counted and verified before announcing Whittle as the champions of the House Olympics. I would like to thank Mr Goldman and the PE staff organising all the events this year.

Sport this year at SWA has been truly incredible. At the annual Sports Awards last week I was struck by the sheer number of trophies we have won this year in football, rounders, rugby, cricket, athletics and others. In total we have won 28 county or district championships this year. On top of that the girls athletics came 14th in the country and the boys came 19th, the U15 girls got to the semi-final of the Futsal national cup, Gemma came 5th in the country at gymnastics, we became the first school to ever win the U15 and U18 Vase for rugby at Twickenham and ex-student Megan won the national college D2 golf championship with her college team in America. Not to be outdone, last month Mr Nichol came 24th in Europe representing GB at triathlon! At the Sports Awards I thanked our amazing PE staff and all of our parents for their relentless support, through the wind and the rain, in helping our elite athletes achieve their dreams.

Once the exams are out of the way it’s the time for the Year 11 and Year 13 Proms. Two weeks ago it was the turn of the Year 13s which all went very smoothly and I would like to thank the Sixth Form team for all their hard work in organising such a great evening. This week was the turn of the Year 11s at Knebworth House, which was another fantastic evening. This year the cars included a Ferrari, Bentlie, Rolls Royce, Viper and fire engine, but the highlight was Joe turning up in a double decker bus - thanks to Herberts! I would like to thank Mrs Clarke, Mr & Mrs Sinclair and the prom committee for all their hours and hours of planning.

On Thursday the whole school came together to take part in Jambo Day, which is when each tutor group runs at stall to raise money for our sister school in Kenya. This year we have already raised money to pay for a well to be installed in the school grounds, which has made an enormous difference to the school and saved them hundreds of pounds as they no longer have to have all their water brought in by lorry. The funds raised by Jambo day will pay for books, science equipment, a large cooking pot and to sponsor three orphans for the year to attend the school.

This time of year we always say goodbye to staff who are off to pastures new. There is a section below on each member of staff, however, I would like to say a personal thank you to Mr Ash, Mrs Gibbs and Mrs Gardiner who are retiring after over 60 years of dedication to the school between them and helping thousands of children to learn maths and English over the years. Finally, I would like to wish Mr Gibbs good luck in his Head of School role at Linslade Academy in Leighton Buzzard. Mr Gibbs joined the school 11 years ago as a drama teacher and has risen up through the school with a number of different roles. I know he will make an excellent headteacher and we wish him well in his new school.

Nick Martin
At SWA we are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of all our media platforms and whilst celebrating our 100th edition, we created a short questionnaire designed for all parents/carers, students and staff to help us improve our services. We would really appreciate your feedback. Please click here to fill in the questionnaire.

To read Issue 100 please click here.

Year 9
I would like to thank Year 9 students and congratulate them for an incredible start to their careers at Samuel Whitbread Academy this year. The enthusiasm, effort and dedication shown by students has been excellent and this will stand them in good stead going forward into their GCSEs in Year 10. I would also like to say a huge thank you to parents for all the support you have given the year team and your children this year. I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to all students starting their options in September and working with you all again for another year.

Miss V Yadav
Year 10
As the end of the school year closes, it is a great time to reflect on the hard work and successes of our Year 10 students. We have been extremely proud of what our students have achieved throughout the year, you only need to look back over all the past newsletters to see just how fantastic they have been. The last couple of weeks we have participated in sports days and charity events, which has enabled our year group to model strong Samuel Whitbread Academy community values. I am positive our students can rise to the challenge of being at the top end of the school and look forward to being a part of what the next year brings. We are grateful for the backing you, as parents/carers have shown us this year and I would like to thank you in advance for ensuring that your son/daughter is equipped with the correct uniform and materials for their final year at the academy. I will be stepping down as the head of year role from September, Charlotte Tabert will be HOY from September onwards and I wish her all the luck and the students in their final year.
Enjoy your summer!

Miss E Wisson
Sixth Form
There are so many students deserving of praise this term – they have all been so busy supporting the school’s efforts with transition days, High School Musical, the Summer Arts Festival, sports days, House Olympics – all while managing to complete their Internal Progression Exams, coursework, field trips and work experience week. An enormous thank you to all of our students that went beyond the call of duty to support staff and younger students during this term. Work experience week was a huge success. I particularly enjoyed visiting such a wide range of businesses in the visits I made – a special mention to thank all the parents who hosted or helped to place our students in their work places. We had such tremendous feedback from our employers and look forward to many more successful placements in the future. If you feel that you can offer work experience placements for our students in the future please do let us know. The busy term comes to an end and summer stretches out in front of us – however a few reminders about results days and the start of Autumn term. A level and Level 3 results will be available in the main hall on Thursday 15th August from 8am until 12pm. The Sixth Form team will be available for any queries on that day. Term starts for our Year 13 students on Friday 6th September at 8.20am – this is a different start day than the lower school year groups. Have an enjoyable, restful, but productive summer break.

Mrs S Hoad, Mr C Tonking & Mr L Huckle

Pippa Gibbs
Mrs Gibbs has been at Samuel Whitbread for over 20 years. She has worked as a languages teacher, SENCO and more recently as specialist assessor and teacher of SEND. She has an exceptional level of expertise and knowledge in the field of SEND and has over the years spent many hours assessing young people to ensure they get the very support that they need in their learning. She is so student focused and has worked tirelessly to ensure that every individual gets the individual help that they need. We wish her well in this next stage of her life.

Mark Gibbs
Mr Gibbs joined the school 13 years ago as a drama teacher, after a brief career in the movie industry. He soon became a Head of Year and then four years ago he became Associate Vice Principal. Throughout his time at SWA he has helped thousands of students through the highs and lows of their teenage years and he holds a special place in the hearts of many staff and students at the school. In September he will be Head of School at Linslade Academy in Leighton Buzzard and I have no doubt that he will be an excellent headteacher. We wish him well in his new role!

Sarah Sinclair
Sarah has gone from being a pupil at Samuel Whitbread, to being a cover supervisor and finishing as an excellent English teacher and Leader for Pupil Premium students. As a teacher she gives everything to her students: her time, her dedication and her kindness. As a colleague, Sarah can always be relied upon to be efficient, thoughtful and enthusiastic. Nothing has ever been too much effort for Sarah and she would get herself involved in all of school life, whether it be working hard for the English department, planning interventions for students, liaising with the pastoral team or joining in with Sports Day. Hitchin Girls School couldn't ask for a better Second in Department and although Sarah will only leave a small gap in the English office, she will leave a huge gap in Samuel Whitbread. Goodbye, Sarah, and the very best of luck in all your new adventures!

Morine James
After 2 years at Samuel Whitbread, Miss James is leaving the science department to explore new and exciting pastures. Ever the professional and bubbly colleague, Miss James will be sorely missed by her colleagues and her numerous students. A great impact has been made in the classroom and department due to her experience and knowledge as well as her kind and caring nature. We all wish Miss James all the best in her new SLE role at Putteridge.

Charles Ash
Charles Ash will be much missed by all of us here at SWA, in his many roles in the school including as a form tutor, head of department, maths teacher, Latin teacher and his always dependable presence around the school. Those that work with Charles comment on his relentless commitment to standards, his willingness to support colleges and determination for pupils. While considered by some a relic, we’re not sure they know how fitting it is with his masters in Archaeology! We all wish him a very enjoyable retirement from teaching.

Kelly Furphy
Kelly is leaving us this year after more than nine years of dedicated service to SWA. She has worked predominately in the data office, but has helped just about every member of staff with SIMS during her time with us. She has admitted more than 4,600 students to the Academy and seen many changes over her time here. She has now decided to hang up her SIMS hat (Kelly has a wide range of rather eccentric hats) and retire to Lincolnshire to spend more time with her husband who has recently decided that Kelly can’t have all the good life to herself, so he has put his notice in to withdraw from the RAF too! Kelly – you will be missed by all of us, enjoy your freedom and we look forward to tasting your first attempts at cider making!

Paul Scullion
It’s hard to believe Mr Scullion has been Samuel Whitbread for only two years. During this time he has contributed substantially to the IT & Computer Science Department; offering invaluable enthusiasm and experience as both Head of Department, SCITT mentor and as Sixth Form tutor, encouraging students through extra-curricular activities such as the Lockheed Martin Code Quest competition, whilst developing an extensive range of teaching and learning resources. Mr Scullion is both hardworking and supportive, a much valued member of the team who will be sadly missed. Most of all we will miss his genuine passion and the inspiration he has been for so many students. We wish him all the best for the future and every success in his new role at Bedford School.

Charlotte Walker
Charlotte Walker (Charlie to her Friends) has been with us both as a Technician and as a Teacher. She has contributed a great deal to the department as well as being someone who brings light and energy to all who meet her. Charlotte has supported all years in her many roles and has been an excellent tutor in the Sixth Form. She cares very deeply about her students and this is reflected in the way the students view her. We wish her well in her new role as she moves to Etonbury.

Ali Gardiner
Alison has worked at Samuel Whitbread for over 20 years and has been a constant and consistent member of the Learning Support Department. She has taught intervention groups and worked one to one with many students helping them with their literacy and numeracy, as well as having a real expertise in study skills support and providing a very clear emotional support for those who just find learning tough. She has been a valued member of the 6th form tutor team and will be missed by all. We know that as she takes a more relaxed approach to like in the coming months that she will enjoy every minute of it.

Julie Sale
Mrs Sale has been at Samuel Whitbread since 2003 as an LSA and has helped and supported many students over the years with Autism in our Provision. She contributed to the life at SWA by being a leading role in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and she spent many weekends in a tent, often in the rain waiting for tired students to finish. She is much valued by the students and her sense of humour and laughter will be missed by all. We wish her all the very best of luck in her next chapter.

Kathy Graves
Kathy joined us in 2015 as our Learning Support Administrator. She has kept the team going every day and ensured that the right people end up in the right places with the right support. She has enabled lots of students to get the external help and support that they need, and has played a crucial roll making sure that children have the help in examinations that they are entitled to. She has a transformed out systems and process so that the team runs efficiently and effectively and we will so miss her guidance and support for the whole team. We wish her a very happy retirement and know that she will enjoy spending more time with her growing family.

Kieran Brasier
Mr Brasier re-joined us in January having been with us as a student until 2014. This time round he has completed his training as a PE teacher and will now be joining Robert Bloomfield as a fully qualified teacher. Mr Brasier has had a huge impact in PE in the time he has been with us and has been instrumental in the success of girls football and Year 9 boys cricket. Mr Brasier will leave a hole in the PE office, however Bloomfield has gained an exceptional teacher who I know will have a fantastic career.

Abdul Qadir
Over the past couple of years, as a trainee and then an NQT, Abdul has been an inspiration to us all. He has won the hearts of many members of staff. The messages of goodbye from students and parents is a testament to the impact he has had with his classes. He will be sorely missed, we wish him every success at Chalk Hills and hope that he stays in touch… after all everyone should have an Abdul in their life!

Yesterday afternoon saw tutor groups run a variety of different stalls to raise money for one of our sister schools Jambo Jipya in Kenya. A lot of fun was had in activities ranging from soak the teacher to £10 darts. In all, just over £1000 was raised which will be a huge help to improving facilities at the Kenyan school.
Afternoon Tea
A total of 85 GCSE students over five days work hard to put together an afternoon tea that was served to parents, grandparents, carers and the staff that came along. Every single student produced good quality dishes and I was very proud of each student for their hard work. I would like to say thank you to the staff in Learning Support for their support, as well as Miss Richardson, Mrs Bland, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Hollingsworth for helping the days run smoothly.
A new online counselling and emotional well-being service for children and young people has been commissioned by the local NHS and Local Authorities. The service is called Kooth and is provided by XenZone, an online mental health pioneer. Kooth is available for young people aged 11-19 living in Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes. Children and young people can chat online to professional counsellors, read articles written by young people, join forums to receive peer-to-peer support, access self-help materials and keep a daily journal. Regular forums cover topics ranging from exam stress and anxiety to eating disorders and grief.

If your child needs a bit of extra support, is worrying about the future or is experiencing difficulties at school or at home, please do encourage them to use this new anonymous and free service. Young people can sign up to the service via their laptop, tablet or smartphone and can access self-help materials, articles and forums linked to emotional wellbeing at  

SEN Transport

Over the course of the summer, parent/carers will be receiving letters regarding their children’s transport arrangements for September.

Where possible, we will be trying to arrange for transport teams to visit students to introduce themselves before the new term start.

Please can parents/carers make the school transport team aware of any changes in contact telephone numbers to enable us to ensure they can be contacted effectively.

Due to the intake of new students it may not have been possible to keep the routes or contractors the same as the previous year, but we have made a conscious effort to ensure as little disruption to existing students as possible.

High School Musical
WOW, WOW, WOW – last week we saw students across the arts perform in our latest production, High School Musical. With sell out nights and standing ovations, it was clear that the audience enjoyed what they saw! The students, both on and off the stage, worked extremely hard over the past five months to produce what can only be described as an OUTSTANDING production. Thank you to everyone for their hard work.
Group 4 Project
A huge thank you for those involved in the planning, organisation and delivery of the Group 4 project on Monday and Tuesday this week. ‘Group 4’ is aimed at students aspiring to Russell Group universities to help them with higher order thinking that the top four subjects require. All students were fantastic and listening to their reflections and skill development from their presentations showed me that this is an event that MUST remain! This event would not have happened if it wasn’t for Professor Hubbard. Coming into a school after the May half term is never easy and getting this off the ground so quickly is very difficult. But it happened and that is because of the willingness of the staff in science (bio, chem, physics and applied), maths, art and food tech to get involved and allow this to happen. It has proven a major success with the students and they have recommended it continues next year. It will! I saw clear evidence of the Sixth Form ethos on show throughout the two days: Believe – Achieve – Succeed – Exceed.
It is with great pleasure that we announce the reigniting of the Ghana international schools link. For over 15 years SWA had a sister school in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana and we worked hard over these years to support and learn with The Methodist Junior High School. This link was a great success. We lost contact for three years but thankfully Mr Huckle has been able to reignite this link! The Methodist Junior High School in Tafo, Ghana will become the Sixth Form link school. This opportunity will be possible through partner schools worldwide.

Please take a look at this link so you can be reminded of our sister school and the joy our SWA community has brought to the lives of students and staff in Ghana.
Click here to see a video of Tafo school or this link which shows Kwahu-Tafo town where our sister school is located.

If any current year 12s and new applicants would like to join together with me to lead this link in the sixth form, please email me and I will get a working group together.

Summer Arts Festival
On 1st July, we held the annual BEST summer arts festival. This year was bigger and better than ever before with more schools than ever involved. With nearly 200 students and over 400 parents it was an extremely busy and successful evening. Thank you to all involved.
Food Trip
Two weeks ago the food department took 26 students to France to experience French food delights. The students went to a bakery where they learnt the bread process and how to make croissants, a goat farm including how to milk a goat, a snail farm where they had the chance to eat snails and also learn about them, as well as a chocolate factory and a sweet factory. It was a busy three days but all students enjoyed it and it was a pleasure to take them there.
Work Experience
Over 200 of our Year 12 students have taken part in work experience this year with the great majority spending time in their chosen workplace last week. The placements were incredibly varied with students going to transnational corporations, TV studios, a wrestling area, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire police forces, music producers studios, and many more. A range of staff members went to visit them on these placements and returned to school beaming with pride at how well our students were getting on and how much they were enjoying their placements. A number of students were offered jobs and apprenticeships once they finish their A Levels and some were even offered part time jobs whilst they finish their time in school. The students thoroughly enjoyed their week and found that it answered a lot of questions for them about their future career or workplace and have been keen to share their experiences with staff across the academy. If you offered a work experience place to one of our lucky Year 12 students then thank you, this has really had an impact.

On the Year 12 Induction Day, students who had just completed their GCSE's were introduced to work experience and will be reminded of their search for a placement and deadlines when they return in September. All paper work can be found on the school website in the Sixth Form area.

Sixth Form Prom
Our year 13s came back together one last time for the prom on Friday 5th July at The Airman Hotel. It was a fantastic event, and our students behaved impeccably. The community spirit that has developed amongst the students in the year is a real credit to the students and staff. We had our highest ever turn out for this years’ prom, and I would like to thank the many staff members who attended, and helped in organising the event. A special mention must go to Mrs Bonham for leading this. She co-ordinated the venue, music, food, prizes and much more! We wish the year 13s well with their A Level results, and the whole team will be on hand to support and congratulate them on Thursday 15th August.

Sports Days &
House Olympics
Well done to all those who competed in all three sports days (Years 9, 10 and 12) and House Olympics in the past two weeks. All events were fantastic in showing not only sporting excellence, but participation by all in several different events. The House Olympics on Monday saw some excellent competition on the field in front of the whole school, culminating in the staff relay which was won by Whittle!
It was a week of mixed emotions for our boys cricket teams in the Bedfordshire Schools District Cricket Finals. On Monday at Biggleswade Town CC, SWA’s Year 10 B team lifted the 8-a-side league trophy after an excellent, albeit slightly nerve-wracking display. An amazing fielding display, including a superb reflex catch from Ryley Longmuir, restricted Goldington to a below par 68 all out in their 14 overs. Despite a mid-innings wobble where Whitbread lost three quick wickets, captain Bradley Williams’ knock and man of the match Alex Williamson’s steady knock ensured victory.
Tuesday saw the District finals for both Year 9 and 10 A teams at Bedford Modern School. Both teams won their respective semi finals in impressive fashion, the Year 10s beating Stratton thanks to Ethan Edwins’ all round performance and the Year 9s sneaking past Harlington with an excellent partnership from Guy Edwins and Max St Ledger. The finals, however, saw an under-par performance from the Year 10 batting unit in being dismissed by Lincroft for 77, and despite an excellent spell of bowling by Sajjan Kalirai, lost with four overs to spare. The Year 9s put up a very good fight against a strong Sharnbrook, with Ben Radnor hitting 52 in SWA’s total of 107, Sharnbrook got off to a quick start and although Whitbread fought back in the latter overs, could not take enough wickets to peg the opposition back. A solid season this year with two finalists and a win under our belt, next year we look for the clean sweep again!
Sports Awards
Thank you to all students and parents who came to our Sports Awards Evening last week. The event is growing year on year and this is due to the incredible success of our students. Congratulations to all the award winners listed below – let’s enjoy another amazing year next year!
















Show my Homework
We an online system for setting homework. The site is called 'Show My Homework' and can be accessed here. All pupils have been given a username and password for parents and carers, so you can monitor the work being set and the quality of the homework being completed by your children. Please follow the link if you wish to know more about the website and the functions it has to offer parents and carers.
Is your Child using their
entitlement to Free School Meals?
If your child is already receiving Free School Meals please remind them that they are entitled to £2.20 per day. It is advised that they use this amount at lunch time when they will get the best deal for their money. If the amount is not used it is not carried over to the next day, it will be removed and £2.20 will be credited to the account on a daily basis.

If there are any problems using the Biometric Finger Print System please speak to one of kitchen staff either behind the counter or in the office. If your child feels uncomfortable approaching the kitchen staff then please go to the year team pastoral officer.

Please be aware that the process for using the biometric finger print is exactly the same for children using free school meals or paying for school meals.

School Closure Arrangements due to Severe Weather
Please find information below from Central Bedfordshire Council for parents/carers to register to receive school closure alerts:
In order to receive an e-mail alert via the Central Bedfordshire Schools’ Open Status (SOS) system, you will need to register:
• Click here 
• Click on 'register for updates' and fill in the text boxes
• Click on 'submit' You will then receive an email which contains instructions on how to 'activate' your account which will include a 'one off' activation code.
• Click here
• Go to 'Log in to edit your details' and type in your email address and the activation code.
• The next time you want to edit your details (e.g. change the names of schools you wish to receive alerts for) type in your email address and password.
Please do not try to ring radio stations to find out if schools will be closed. Telephone lines will be busy and this may prevent a vital call reaching the News Centre. Please listen to the radio or access the website for confirmation.
If you have an existing account but have lost your login details please send an e-mail to to have your details refreshed.
For further information, please click here (APPENDIX C S)   

Free School Meals
- Are you Entitled?
If you would like to find out if you are entitled for your child to receive Free School Meals please contact Customer Services at Central Bedfordshire on 0300 300 8306. Please have the following information ready: national insurance numbers and dates of birth for you and your partner, dates of birth for your children, and if you receive support from the National Asylum Support Service, your NASS number. You may qualify if your child attends a school full time in the Central Bedfordshire area, and you get any of the following: Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, The Guarantee element of State Pension Credit, Support from the National Asylum Support Service, Child Tax Credit (but not Working Tax Credit) and you have an annual income that does not exceed £16,190.

If you do not live in Central Bedfordshire area but your child attends a school in Central Bedfordshire full time, then you should apply to Central Bedfordshire Council, on 0300 300 8306. You will be informed if you are entitled to free school meals when you telephone, any problems verifying the entitlement will be discussed during the call. Please be advised that you can only apply for Free School Meals through Central Bedfordshire, Samuel Whitbread cannot process the application.
Young Carers
Our website now has links to organisations that offer advice and support for all the family along with young carers chat forums . Also you will find application forms for grants along with guidelines to help in making it easier to access any financial support you may need.
Pupil Premium
You may have received an email from us recently about the Pupil Premium funding that we have available to support some of our students. There is an application form on our website that you can use to request any support from the school - click here to see. All application forms or any requests for further information should be sent to

SEND Information Sessions
Free drop in information sessions are available for parents/carers with children with SEND. Click here to read more information.
Service Families
Samuel Whitbread is committed to supporting our service families. If you think you are going to be posted please contact Thomas Rowell ( so that he can help your child's transition go as smoothly as possible. We understand your circumstances might change again and that's OK. Kelly Furphy will also assist in any transition procedure and documentation needed.
Career information, advice and guidance support
The 4YPUK Careers Adviser Rose Birmingham is available for 1:1 appointments to talk though options and career ideas (or lack of ideas!) including apprenticeships, college courses, employment, training etc. To book an appointment visit: . Appointments are held in in Room 910 (Library).

More information and support can be found here on our website.
Brook Appointments
Brook appointments can be made via the Medical Room to speak to someone on a Thursday. Students can seek advice on issues such as online safety, healthy relationships, LGBT diversity, puberty, self esteem and many more.
Adopted Children
If your child is adopted from care, under a special guardianship order or a residency order, we can claim extra funding from the government to support them in their progress at school. The funding is part of the Pupil Premium Grant and we can use it for all sorts of support from 1:1 tutoring to help with equipment, revision guides and trips.

Please let Mr. Rowell if you think your child may be eligible for this support. Email:

Safeguarding Team
We take the safeguarding of our students very seriously at SWA and the safety and protection of our students is paramount in all that we do on a day to day basis. Mark Gibbs, Associate Principal, is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at the Academy.

The team which includes Clare Hood, Associate Principal, Clare Bonham PSO Sixth Form, Jo Abbott PSO Year 9, Tanya Clark PSO Year 11, Thomas Rowell SENCO, Julie Saggers PSO Year 10, Vishali Yadav Head of Year 9 and Richard Sinclair Head of Year 11 are always willing to support and give advice.

If you do have any concerns about any of the students about their safety please contact a member of the Safeguarding team to discuss your concerns or contact The Central Bedfordshire HUB on 0300 300 8585 or if you live in Bedford Borough please call 01234 718700.





Film & Media

Health & Social Care


BEST (Bedfordshire Schools Trust)

Samuel Whitbread Academy

Samuel Whitbread Academy has changed bank accounts. Could you please advise parents that all future cheque payments for school trips should be made payable to: Samuel Whitbread Academy – School Fund.
Signing In/Out
Following the installation of gates, students will only be able to enter and leave the school via reception. If your child needs to sign out during the school day, please make a note in their planner.  This will enable them to leave their lesson if necessary and sign out at reception ready to be collected.

All parents need to sign in at reception whenever they visit the site.
We would like to remind Parents and Carers of the regulations regarding holidays and would like to make you aware that Best Term dates may differ from the term dates published on the Central Bedfordshire website. Please see our website 
The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 and Central Bedfordshire advise that unless special circumstances* are identified then term time holidays should not be authorised. 

Absence Request Forms can be collected from the Attendance Office (Room 337).
If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs A Martin – 01462 628041 or 
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