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3Cs are Compromising the success of Global Goals: SDGs 

Can Universities counter the trend?

The disastrous convergence of three global crises is an assault on global efforts to achieve SDGs and meet the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. 3Cs are Conflicts, COVID19 and Climate-Change.

(Image courtesy of Graeme MacKay, The Hamilton Spectator)

How battle warriors can become climate warriors

India’s visionary policy to rescue a planet on fire

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has operations in more than 130 countries. In places where people are already displaced, Agniveers could help them prepare for and adapt to climate change.

10 states – 24 changemakers – 1 mission

Getting to the roots of the problem, rapid bio-assessment of river water downstream

The importance of river conservation and constant monitoring of the health of rivers was underlined at a unique event held recently in Chengannur in Alapuzzha district of Kerala.

Resilience Also Triggers Innovation

Adversity is the mother of Invention

Keeping oneself balanced in such a situation is not easy. Tar roads are literally melting in Europe, and so too are roads to net zero. Trees and animals are trapped in wildfires in USA, Europe and Siberia, so also targets of Carbon neutrality. 

COVID19 has pathbreaking medicine – It works without consuming

Buildings are presently taking the lead in either keeping you healthy or making you sick.

It’s not a vaccine. It’s not a tablet. Nor syrup or herbal. Neither is intravenous injection. It need not be consumed. It is not the one sold by any pharmacy. Indeed, health regimes and medical science are undergoing ‘disruptive transformation’.

Incinerating: Our ‘Only One Earth’

We seem to be on top of breaking the records all the time, though in a negative way.

The last seven years were the seven hottest on record. The impacts of extreme weather have led to deaths and diseases, migration and economic losses in the hundreds of billions of dollars, without showing the signs of slowing down.

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